‘I am Cipel’s Lover’


The New York Daily News has a story about a Montclair State University adjunct prof who claims to be Golan Cipel’s lover — and says the Israeli national still has a crush on the gov. In what the Daily News described as a “manic, disjointed interview,” the prof, David Miller, said: “Golan says he’s not gay? He could have fooled me.”

Miller – who insisted on speaking Spanish because, he said, he hates the United States – told reporters he met Cipel in Israel through family friends and that he still had a soft spot for him.
“Despite his problems, I’m going to go visit him,” said Miller, shirtless and wearing purple shorts.

Miller told the Daily News he’d given a deposition to federal investigators into the blackmail probe involving Cipel and Gov. McGreevey, who declared himself a “gay American” in his resignation speech last week. But the News quoted Micah Rasmussen, the governor’s spokesman, as being unimpressed with Miller’s story: “We couldn’t care less if Cipel has ex-boyfriends.”

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  1. God forgive me, but this Miller guy sounds a little nutty. He stated in today’s Daily News that he works for the CIA and he takes pills to make his skin darker in order to infiltrate certain groups. In the next breath, he says he only speaks Spanish because he hates America!

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