Just a Suitcase


Two medical buildings near Mountainside Hospital were evacuated today shortly after lunch and a robot from the Essex County bomb unit was called in, following reports of an abandoned suitcase seen in front of 123 Highland Ave., Glen Ridge.
The incident, which occured shortly after noon when the suitcase was reported, ended with the discovery that the only thing inside the suitcase was an empty garment bag. “We treated it with the utmost suspicion,” said Glen Ridge police captain Sheila Byron.
Byron said that Glen Ridge received notification that the local Homeland Security status had been upgraded to orange yesterday, as part of the same Homeland Security upgrade putting Newark’s Prudential Building and financial institutions in Manhattan on notice. The police also received a reminder to be vigilant of suspicious people, things or activities at the train station.

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  1. My all time favorite sign is outside that hospital – where they tell you how to enter the hospital if you believe you have had contact with nuclear or chemical materials. Talk about a way to scare folks off when they’re walking into the hospital!

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