More Facts We Didn’t Know

Every school child in Glen Ridge knows that Tom Cruise went to Glen Ridge High School, but who knew that Glen Ridge had a Titanic survivor? A story in today’s Delco Times about Titanic survivors buried in Delaware County, Pa., reveals that a Glen Ridge jeweler named Henry Blank was a first-class passenger and got off safely in a lifeboat. Blank, who was 39 at the time, spent his last night on the fated vessel playing cards in the smoking room.
We think he might have fit in nicely at one of the poker games that take place on Wildwood Terrace.

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  1. At the last Junior League show house, a Macy’s designer (can’t remember name) lives in Mr. Blank’s house on Ridgewood Ave (at Washington?). He was wearing a period suit and had Mr. Blanks tie pin and pocket watch. He has gone to great lengths to purchase Mr. Blanks personal belongings to summon the Titanic memories.

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