Our Mug’s Having More Fun Than We Are



You may have heard of people who steal yard gnomes and then send the owners taunting pictures of the gnomes in various locations. Well, we don’t have a yard gnome, but we do have Soprano Sue, who took a Barista latte mug with her on a recent trip to Maryland, where she was researching the exact location of Adriana’s escape fantasy on last season’s Sopranos.

Sue, who actually came by the mug honestly, not only sent us the pictures (click for a larger image), but a daily diary of the mug’s adventures.
stockton“Barista baby behaved most of the ride down to Baltimore, she only acted up when we hit traffic on the NJ Turnpike. First it was an accident north of exit 7a, then she really started bouncing around in the seat when we passed the accident, and got tangled up in all the traffic for the exit for Great Adventure (must have been that bus with the Uncle Junior look-alike, enticing the Turnpike lawn-mowing team to hop on and go to the park). She calmed down a little after I took her to Cinnabon in the Richard Stockton Rest Area.”
barista_at_marriot“Finally, Barista and I have arrived in Baltimore’s Inner Harbor, Barista started hiding in the car (I guess she thought I was going to throw her into the harbor.) She behaved nicely for Reggie the doorman at the Marriot Waterside Inner Harbor, and has been quiet since we made it to the room (I have her soaking in the sink, she seems happy). Later we’ll take her out on the water taxi (maybe tie a string on her, it will be just like water skiing).”

BaristaBench“After Barista’s soak in the sink, we took her out on the town last night. The night started out with a ride on the Inner Harbor’s Water Taxi, which took her to the Rusty Scupper Resturuant. We had to wait a short while for the water taxi. Hope she’s not putting the moves on this guy!”


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