Parent-Camper Time Chart

returning_camperTime spent investigating and researching camps: two months
Time spent earning money to pay for camp: (varies)
Time spent filling out paperwork: 18 hours
Time spent buying camp supplies: 5 hours
Time spent labeling and packing camp supplies: 10 hours
Time worrying about child’s adjustment: (varies)
Time spent putting together a care package and sending it: 2 hours
Time spent reading child’s voluminous correspondence home: what correspondence?
Time spent enjoying child-free time with spouse: 2 hours and 20 minutes
Time spent retrieving child: (varies)
Time spent in joyous reunion with child: 1 hour
Time spent listening to child’s rendition of camp songs: (varies)
Time spent enjoying child’s rendition of camp songs: 5 minutes
Time until child ditches parents and whips out cell phone to call friends: 1 hour, 5 minutes
Time spent laundering/fumigating child’s belongings: 10 hours

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