Politics and Hotdogs


kerry_bbqErika Munter and Ben Weiss and a bunch of their neighbors raised about $2,500 for John Kerry at their Orange Road home in Montclair yesterday. Showing up for the barbecue was Miles Clay, 6, of Somerset (left). A couple from Riverdale, in the Bronx, also attended — having found the party on the Kerry House Party website.
The next local Kerry event listed: a “sit-up-a-thon” on Sat. Sept. 11 at Yoga Montclair.

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  1. I did a double take when I read the date of the sit-upthon. Of course, at some point, peopel will treat 9/11 as a “regular day,” and do things on that day that are not related to the 2001 attacks After all, most of us do other activities on 12/7 besides remember Pearl Harbor. But has that day arrived? Are 3 years enought time to “take back the date” of 9/11?

  2. Considering it is a fund raiser for Kerry shouldn’t it be a
    Could serve a nice Cotes du Rhone while you throw your arms up in perfidious ecstasy as you surrender your pallet to a nice, soft, beautifully yellow Camembert! 

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