We Want to Be His Barista of the Week


Sports Illustrated writer Peter King paused in his Monday Morning Quarterback column this morning to offer tribute to a local coffee slinger.

Coffeenerdness: Graham Higgins, of the Upper Montclair, N.J., Starbucks, is my barista of the week. Of the year, really. Last week, on my way into the store for a grande hazelnut latte, I paused to talk softball with a couple of parents of kids I’ve coached, and we stood there for a few minutes, jabbering. The door to the store opened, and out stepped Graham, an industrious lad. “Your latte, Mr. King,” he said, handing me the golden liquid. Now, that goes beyond the call of duty, Seattle. Promote this man! Give him his own store!

Hey, why not have a contest? Who’s your barista of the week? Who makes your coffee foam? Tell the Barista.

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