Yummy treats from Mesiah Event Planners

nmesiahThis past Saturday, Nicky Mesiah of Mesiah Event Planners shared some of her delicious and healthful treats & recipes with the folks at the farmer’s market – Pita Bruschetta Pizzas, Cabbage & Apple Waldorf Salad and a killer Chocolate Zucchini/Carrot Cake! All Nicky’s fantastic creations take advantage of the produce that’s in season right now. They not only taste amazing but they’re good for you too!
Nicky shared her Pita Pizza recipe with us. Try it at home tonight!

Whole wheat pita bread (pocket pitas & split in ½)
Basil Olive Oil (drizzle on each half of pita)
Garlic Powder (not garlic salt or, fresh garlic)
A shake or 2 of Dried Fennel
Freshly Grated Parmesan Cheese
A little Dried Rosemary
Fresh Basil
Tomatoes (fresh, canned, or freshly baked)
Goat Cheese or, fresh Mozzarella from Belgiovine’s
Pepperoni/salami/turkey products/lamb-protein of your choice, leftover meat or tofu based products
Green Peppers optional & crushed red peppers for added kick
Divide the pocket pita in half & layer in the order listed & sprinkle with another shake of oregano before baking. Place on a round pizza pan or, on cookie sheet & bake at 350 for 10-12 minutes. Just that simple!

Check out Nicky’s website for nutrition information as well as everything you need to put on a memorable event.
You can also see Nicky & Mesiah Event Planners starting again in the fall on local access TV-Channel 34 on ‘Inside Montclair’.
Stop by each week around 11 am to catch a new cooking demonstration by one of the fantastic restaurants & caterers here in Montclair.
Cat Morris

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  1. I recognize Nicky from having met her at the Montclair firehouse dedication ceremonies. I tasted her cookies and her toffee, there, and they both were great!

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