Bloomfield College Gets Big Grant

Bloomfield College has just received a $1.825 million federal government grant, Rep. Bill Pascrell’s office announced today. The money will be used for remedial math and English, career coaching for juniors and seniors and classroom improvements.

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  1. This just kills me. Remedial math. Remedial anything at the college level. I’ve been told it’s a reasonable thing to expect, and that it’s unfair of me to “judge people” but I think there’s just something wrong about someone who’s graduated from High School needing to learn reading or math skills in college. Worse, if these classes are being paid for with government grants, it means tax dollars are being spent for the same thing all over again. That’s like a restaurant that gives you food poisoning apologizing with a coupon for a free meal.

  2. Gotta say, the exact same thing (REMEDIAL college course??) crossed my mind! Then I remembered, not having gone to college immediately after high school, by the time I got around to it at the ripe old age of 24-ish, I had a serious problem with the math (algebra, geometry – who remembered?) and had to take a refresher course. Of course, the class did *not* count for credit and therefore, my employer did not reimburse the $ for that course as part of the tuition aid program I was lucky enough to be part of for my other classes.

  3. Given the relatively small size of Bloomfield College, what a shame that so much money should be allocated to providing remedial education.
    These students have obviously been passed through the system without much regard as to whether they were actually learning anything.
    Shame on their parents, shame on the students and shame on the the school administrators who each allowed this to happen!

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