Football for the Testosterone-Challenged

The Barista has to admit that, in principle and in practice, she hates football. Hates the idea of big lugs smacking into each other, hates the sound of it on the television, hates its intrusion into otherwise quiet living rooms, particularly on Thanksgiving Day.
StrahanHowever, the Barista loves reading about Michael Strahan, defensive end for the Giants. (That’s a team, we gather, which plays somewhere in the Meadowlands.) We follow Michael Strahan because he’s a celebrity who lives in Montclair. And so we signed up for a Google news alerts on him and every day, several nuggets about the gap-toothed football star appear in our e-mail box. They rarely disappoint.
Last week, for example, it was reported that Strahan was fined $1,000 by Giants coach Tom Coughlin for being late to a meeting that he showed up two minutes early for. Then, in a gesture of largesse this past Sunday, after the Giants won their first game of the season, Strahan gave the game ball to Coughlin in the locker room. This, of course, is not news to people who read the daily sports pages. But for the testosterone-challenged, it’s exactly how we like our football. With a nice little human interest story or two and, oh yes, easily deletable.
Actually, we kind of got a sense this guy was somewhat endearing when we went to the decorator showcase at his house a couple of years ago. There was a den done in toile wallpaper, but instead of French woodsmen frolicking around or whatever, it was toile pattern of football players. Couldn’t Google it, sorry. You’ll just have to take our word.
Well, we’ll stop before you think the Barista’s gone all mushy on the subject of guys in shoulder pads. But don’t you just wish Strahan had run for town council last spring like he was going to?

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