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the_bet Ok, it’s now official, no wiggling out. Thom Kennon and Jerry Mosier, both of the Montclair Unmoderated message board, came over to the Barista’s house on Labor Day to officially shake on a $100 bet that had been shaping up online. The question is who will win the Presidential election Nov. 2, and the stakes are, well, unusual. If Bush wins, which is the outcome Mosier favors, then Kennon (left, of course) will have to pay $50 to a political cause of Mosier’s choice. If Kerry wins, which is Kennon’s hope, then Mosier will have to pay $50 an organization specified by Kennon. And it’s not just the pain of contributing to the other side that’s at stake. It’s what happens after that organization sells the name.
The idea, as Kennon put it, is to make sure the loser “is inundated with mail for the rest of their life — and into the afterlife.”
Right now, Kennon is considering Handgun Control as the organization that he’d have Mosier contribute to if Kerry wins. Mosier is mulling the Republican National Committee, apparently renowned for its whorish retailing of contributors’ names. “You bastard,” Kennon said.
Despite their differences over politics, Kennon and Mosier are friends. Mosier had a “Detente Party” this summer, bringing about a dozen members of the group to his backyard for a catered barbecue. “You put actual faces to those names,” Mosier said. “Reasonable people can disagree.”
Either way, $50 of the bet will go to an as yet undecided local charity.

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  1. Hmmm, guess they didn’t see the news reports confirming that betting on presidential elections is illegal.
    Actually, I don’t care – sounds like a plan to me!

  2. “The idea, as Kennon put it, is to make sure the loser “is inundated with mail for the rest of their life — and into the afterlife.”
    Absolutely diabolical. I can now take interest in the election again.

  3. Thom & Jerry… Thom & Jerry… have I heard of these guys, somewhere, before…?
    They chase each other around, seemingly inflicting what looks to be grave injuries, but then each of them goes on (and on) (and on) (about their business)…?
    Oh right; that *is* Montclair UnModerated!

  4. Mirrors indeed! BTW, Sabine loves her Barista mug (who wouldn’t!) and I will always strive to remind her to think fondly of ‘Mean Jerry’ whenever she sips away the morning…

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