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Seeing Double

Lisa M. Gomberg, mother of the twins pictured left, wants other Montclair parents of multiples to know that there's a Yahoo group just for them: https://groups.yahoo.com/group/mpom/. The group boasts 38 sets of multiples.

Here’s a Tree That Died in Vain

Just dropped off at our house: a brochure for the Civic Conference Committee's candidates for Glen Ridge Borough Council, Elizabeth Brewster and Linda Seyffarth. The two women are running unopposed.

The Election’s Tuesday…MAKE UP YOUR MINDS ALREADY!!!!

A poll only for the undecided: Quick!PaperPlasticView the results

It’s Later Earlier Than You Think

Time to set your clocks back. All 351 of them... The stove, the VCR, the fax machine, the microwave, the coffee maker, your alarm clock, the kids' alarm clocks, the one in the bathroom,...

For Some of Us, the Smiling Tooth is Scary Enough

Spiders, ghouls, zombies and rats, all on display at the home/office of general dentist Wayne S. Gangi, just over the Baristaville border on Grove St. in Clifton.

The Political Yard Sign Arms Race

It starts so simply. A Kerry sign on one yard, a Bush sign next door or across the street. A Kerry sign is added, then a Bush sign. And on and on and on....

A Special for Book Lovers

“The Hooker and the Nun”, “Kill 2 Birds & Get Stoned”, “The Joy of Sex”, “The DaVinci Code” and “The Secret Life of Bees” are a few of the titles you'll be able...

About the Size of Footballs; So Don’t Throw Them

Congratulations to New York Giants defensive end Michael Strahan, of Montclair, and his wife Jean, who gave birth to twin girls, Isabella and Sophia, yesterday.

Independent Press Endorses Tamborini

The Independent Press of Bloomfield yesterday endorsed Republican challenger Ray Tamborini for mayor.

Inn Demo Blocked Til December

A group calling itself the Marlboro Inn Preservation Association (MIPA) has received a temporary restraining order blocking developer Steven D. Plofker from demolishing the Marlboro Inn -- at least until a Dec. 3 court...


Bloomfield mayor Raymond McCarthy and councilman Bernard Hamilton, both running for reelection, actually don't have the college degrees that they claimed on their election fliers. McCarthy said that until this week he believed he had...

Another Reason to Think Twice About Letting Teenagers Drive

Deer spotting at the intersection of Washington St. and Ridgewood Ave. in Glen Ridge at about 8:40 tonight.

Key Club to Oversee 2005 Oscar Awards

Last thing we'd heard from Trevor Weigle, Bloomfield's director of health and human services, was that the township of Bloomfield was planning to have an independent outside auditor oversee the drawing in its flu...

Meet The Neighbors!

A good way to gauge what a neighborhood is really like is to visit when residents are out in full force. Potential buyers don’t get any greater opportunity than this Halloween, when the...

Clever Commute