Dress Code Revisited

When the Barista misses a school board meeting in Bloomfield, there’s usually a friend in the room to tell us what happened. Last night’s board of ed meeting is no exception, and that perennial subject of debate — the school dress code — of course came up. Our special unnamed correspondent filed this mom’s eye view.

The policy was approved as a first reading. They have to do second approval in two weeks, then it’s a new policy.

They decided that long white shirts will be stricken from the dress code. No they won’t. Yes they will. No they won’t… you get the idea.

Ultimately, I think what they decided is they can wear the shirts, but they cannot be longer than mid-thigh. Yes they can. No they can’t. Yes they can…

And, cheerleaders can wear their short skirts to school because it’s part of a BOE approved sport uniform… now, let me get this straight: If a girl’s bare legs are going to drive boys to distraction and thus very short skirts (shorter than mid thigh) are not allowed, then what sense does it make to allow cheerleaders to wear the same? Well, it makes no sense at all. Jim Decker tried to make that point to the board last night, but the concept flew right over the heads of the rest of the body. Like DUH. Football players wear their JERSEYs on school spirit days – they don’t wear their full uniforms. So… the cheerleaders could wear their top half with jeans on game day. Problem solved. But not solved, because the brain trusts couldn’t figure that out for themselves.

Sometimes I am shocked my kids can even read — with this kind of school leadership! Thank God the teachers (for the most part) are much more sane than the board.

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