Gag Order in Rape Case

The AP reports that the judge in the Montclair rape case has imposed a gag order, which would prevent people close to the case from talking to reporters.
“The order was disclosed Tuesday by court officials after a juvenile court hearing was held for the youths,” the AP report said. “Authorities would not say what, if anything, happened during the hearing, citing the order and the legal confidentiality of juvenile court proceedings.”

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  1. Aren’t you two adults? Some of the kids involved in this are my friends, you are dumb as hell. This is the rest of their lives right here. Don’t be stupid and take this as a joke. Surprising that a mere ‘kid’ would be more interested in the welfare of 3-4 teens than an adult would be. Get your head out of your ass.

  2. Putting this story on a ‘yakky’ gossip site sure does build community, eh Barista?
    Now in her defense she is *lately* sticking to the facts – good.
    But keep flogging the story to what end?
    Let the Journalists – Journal and the Gossip Mongers – Monger, but maybe this story is one in which those subsets should not intersect.

  3. Tom, You are right.
    It is such an awful situation. Personally I would like to see the town torn-apart as little as possible over this thing. Speculation about cases like this don’t serve anyone’s needs. That is precisely why in cases like these the court imposes gag orders in the first place.
    Knowing the news is fine, but chit-chat of the gossipy kind can hurt a lot of real people in this case in real and substantive ways.
    Perhaps the Barista can switch-off the comment part on the rape case stories. Possible on some blogs.

  4. I disagree. I think that the comments should be allowed. I just don’t think people should joke about such a serious situation. I think the topics need to be discussed, so that people can get real facts. I’m not currently in Montclair and I would like to keep updated as much as possible, be it through friends or websites such as this.

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