Replace Those Stolen Signs

People wanting to pick up new Kerry-Edwards paraphernalia should show up at the corner of South Fullerton and Bloomfield Ave. tomorrow from 6:30 to 8 pm, for what Essex Democrats are billing as an old-fashioned political rally. Congressman Bill Pascrell will be the chief cheerleader.
Then they can head a few blocks down the street to see the Presidential debate on the big screen at Robert’s Welmont Theater for $25. (Free with student ID, more for big rollers who want good seats.)
There’s a secondary market in tickets for Bruce Springsteen’s big “Vote for Change” concert, also tomorrow night, but you have to know the right people.

Know of any other debate parties (left or right?) List them below.

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  1. To anyone: Not to sound stupid but… does North Fullerton turn into South Fullerton when it intersects Bloomfield Avenue? If not, where is SF Ave? Thanks.

  2. Yep, sure does. Bloomfield is the N/S divider for Fullerton, as it is for most (probably all) the other streets in town that do the N/S thing.

  3. Miss Martta, I am sure that, under cover of night, you can easily find some Bush/Cheney signs — and for cheap! 😉

  4. Tom,
    I think you are righter than you may think. I know it will sound wierd, but I think a Sox win in the WS will help Kerry at the polls.
    Go Yankees!

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