Nov. 2, Explained

Some academics study the work of Willa Cather. Others crack complex molecular structures. Julian Keenan, at Montclair State, wants to know why we lie — and how we can lie better. "It’s one of the most amazing, sophisticated, advanced cognitive abilities we have," Keenan said in a story in yesterday’s Bergen Record. "All evidence indicates that we are genetically programmed to lie. The liar has such an advantage over you. So the gene is passed on."


Keenan points to the recent presidential election. "The party that lied better had an advantage and won," he said.

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  1. Keenan says the Republicans “lied better.” So Keenan’s probably a Democrat or, worse, a leftie, to make that sort of wide-ranging assumption. Clearly (I read the article in question) Keenan’s disgruntled. So Keenan lied in turn. Ho hum. Since when do academics have the franchise on the truth? It would have be more rewarding for Keenan to study Willa Cather. Or, if lying is really at issue, someone like Michael Moore, Noam Chomsky, Rigoberta Menchu, Dan Rather or even, God help us, Bill Clinton.

  2. interesting. i took it to mean that the Repubs lied better.
    Meaning, that both sides lied, the Repubs were just better at it.

  3. they lied so well that cathar believed them.
    This individual seems to believe that only the media and dems lied.
    meanwhile, anyone with integrety in the white house is resigning and the lap dogs are getting promoted.

  4. Keep the liberal cocoon intact!
    This kind of stuff is really pleasing to me. (makes my day in fact) The more Democrats are in denial about *why* they *keep* loosing elections the better the chances of strengthening the already started GOP realignment in the electorate.
    Bravo Mr. Keenan! Can I make a contribution to keeping your “research” going?

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