On A Mission

NestmantleSome houses can change your life. That was the case for Javier and Debbie Santiago, who became swept up in the Arts and Crafts revival when they purchased a period home in Montclair. Trying to find authentic furnishings to decorate the home in a manner harmonious with its Craftsman design proved challenging, but ultimately rewarding. The couple, combining their mutual graphic design backgrounds with Javier’s experience in carpentry and home renovation, left day jobs behind to create Nest & Company.

Their jewel of a store, at 15 South Fullerton (perpendicular to Church Street), opened in September. It’s a tribute to the Arts and Crafts movement, reflecting the simple elegance that is the style’s hallmark in a way that would have made Gustave Stickley proud.

Tablenest_2 In addition to selling hard-to-find Mission-style furniture, embroidered textiles, hand silk-screen wallpaper, decorative ceramic tiles (some handmade by Javier) and hammered copperware, Nest & Company also create stunning custom mantel surrounds, like the one pictured here, as well as custom order pieces to suit a home’s individual personality. Besides offering assistance in selecting furnishings, Nest & Company also provides full interior design services.

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