The Mysterious Case of the Rake in the Nighttime

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What do you call someone who steals your rake … but replaces it with an inferior model? 

Exhibit 1: Red plastic rake, left on the lawn Saturday.


Exhibit 2: Bamboo rake, found on lawn Sunday.


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  1. The same thing happened to us a few years ago, only it was with a shovel. We left our “fancy” new shovel on the porch after using it and the next day, it was gone…replaced by an old, disgusting, rusty one.
    Very weird.

  2. We had an odd stuffed animal show up on our front steps two weeks ago. I have not taken inventory of the other 700+ toys to see if this was actually a swap.

  3. Seriously, I had a stolen Dodge Spirit replace the one I had parked in my driveway. Mine was recovered after it was used as a get-away car in a robbery.
    You never know.

  4. Very odd. I too had a nice-new snow shovel on the porch “replaced” by a rusty old one. About 3 years ago.
    Serial tool stealer?
    Conceptual artist?
    Robin (home depot) hood?
    Progressive Socialism?
    The odd thing in our case is that while the new one was big and shiny it was plastic and not to my preference (Home Depot was out of metal ones). So the replacement while rusty and old, was more to my liking.

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