Ah, Further Joys of Blue-State Living

When the Barista was growing up, people drank water out of their taps. But when the Barista was growing up, there were also no, um, baristas.

How times have changed. Now, not only can you pay for water to be delivered to your house, but Poland Spring will also deliver Starbucks coffee beans. And, they’re running a special: if you agree to buy 10 pounds of the beans in the next year (at 12.99/lb), they’ll also bring along a free Cuisinart coffee maker.

Actually, we’d prefer if the Poland Spring delivery guy came in, brewed the coffee and then delivered it to our bedroom. Oh wait, that’s what our husband does every morning so we can blather on mindlessly into cyberspace. Nevermind.

And in other coffee-related tomfoolery:

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