Berra Museum to Move to Xanadu?

Montclair’s own Yogi Berra made the headlines twice yesterday. First, when he said that Yankees first baseman Jason Giambi, caught up in a steroids scandal, shouldn’t be invited back to the Bronx next season. And second, when he attended an event for the proposed minor league team, the Bergen Cliff Hawks, which hopes to have a build a new stadium in the Meadowlands, alongside the planned Xanadu theme park/shopping complex.

Berra said he hopes to bring the Yogi Berra Museum, currently housed at the Jersey Jackals’ park at Montclair State University, to the Cliff Hawks’ stadium because of the greater number of potential visitors.

Move the Yogi Berra Museum to Xanadu? Interesting. Could it have anything to do with the fact that Rose Cali is founder of the museum and that Mack-Cali is a joint developer of Xanadu?

Well, who wouldn’t want their museum next to a chocolate waterfall?

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