Dear Santa…

Dear_santa_2 What do you want this Christmas? Why not tell the Barista? Come on, sit on our lap. Now, have you been very, very good this year…

Lisa Finan (aka the Suburban Archeologist) starts us off.

Dear Santa:

This year, I’d like to make a suggestion. Give us what we need in Glen Ridge. Like some ratables. Come on. It’s for the kids. It will only help improve their education. How about that nice stretch along the South End? We could make that area pretty snazzy. Just imagine it: Beautiful Downtown Glen Ridge. Has nice ring to it don’t you think? After-all, we have only have one town center and Montclair has at least five. We can buy it with a bond like we do everything else. Then, we can gentrify it with a Starbucks and a grocery store . . .

Come on use your imagination. You must have at least one tax relief idea in that sack somewhere.

Lisa Finan

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  1. My peeve with the holidays is employess who don’t know how to at least say a simple thank you for their Holiday bonus (which wan’t that cheap).
    This is not the first year or employee which has done this. Is there anything wrong with at least acknowledgment?

  2. My two front teeth.
    And that cotton candy maker I saw in a commercial on NickJr. that my daddy says is a piece of junk.
    And to stay up really really late on Christmas Eve.

  3. If I could have one thing, it would be some peace. I need to learn to relax.
    On the other hand, please no one name a star after me, OK? I’d rather have a Chia pet.

  4. A pre-paid gardener for the springtime. Or at least a strong young man who will do the digging and heavy lifting while I sit around in a big straw hat and turn pages in a plant catalog.

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