Guilty Plea in Stabbing of Montclair Marine

A Marine who killed Lance Cpl. Annon Millette, 21, of Montclair on Feb. 2 has pleaded guilty in the crime and offered an apology. The murder took place in California during a training exercise.

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  1. They should consider the effects of (“wartime”) military training, more.
    Laramore learned to kill while (recently) deployed to Iraq and now some people want to stand back in horror at this monster that the Marines have created.

  2. So Gonz,
    You think the Marines made him a murderer? Or are all Marines murderers?
    What does “wartime” mean (the scare quotes?
    Does that mean the fallen soldiers are meerely “dead”.

  3. In a civilized society, i would say it goes against human nature to kill, so yes, it takes some “training” to kill–that training can be had “in the streets” or in the military…this seems to ne a kill or be killed war. Do you really think that the horrors of that can just be turned off once you get home?

  4. Unfortunately, while the military is “breaking them down and building them up”…they are also teaching people that violence is the first solution to a problem. They aren’t training men to be diplomats, but rather to prepare for combat. It’s just a reality. I can’t believe they find it so shocking when someone acts violently outside of war or abuses their wife at home.
    It’s like thinking that a Pitt Bull will only act violently when it’s in a dog-fight, but then being upset when it bites your child while playing.

  5. It’s just like at the football game, just now: Darius from Jacksonville: he’s all hopped up and he just “clotheslined” a Green Bay player in the neck, taking his helmet right off and causing him to be carried off the field — after the ball was caught and the play was completed.

  6. Typically ridiculous reactions from comically outraged liberals above (excluding Right of Center). Daffy Duck couldn’t have sputtered better. It was a tragic, violent incident. Just like thousands of other tragic, violent incidents which occur daily, which were not committed by Marines. And, save perhaps in the mind of its perpetrator (who made remarks about feeling insulted by his victim that owe much more to the touchiness extolled in rap music than to anything he might have learned in the military), not linked to the ethos of the Marine Corps. But then, so many of the posters on this web site are themselves, however inadvertently, good advertisements for the revival of some kind of compulsory national service. If only to clear their minds of the foolishness they spout so often.

  7. A Marine, no matter how dignified you may feel his or her decision was, will only ever be, another word for a trained, cold-blooded killer.

  8. Annon was a good guy. Rather than debating the defense put up by his killer’s lawyer, we should be talking about Annon.

  9. Now who sounds like Daffy Duck?
    Mr. Desphpicable….
    And your right, Right of Center, I should have said racist, trigger happy, mindless, occupying, cold blooded killers.
    Or to simplify, a Marine.

  10. Excuse me Cathar–but my son is over there right now putting his life on the line for all of us. So he is paying his dues right now and in turn, so am I. What are you doing except acting all high and mighty and righteous?
    And Jake, I am very sorry for the loss of your friend.

  11. As I read my remarks above, I defended the armed forces from the sort-of “blood libel” being put forth by assorted disgruntled liberals and hapless lefties. This makes me “high and mighty and righteous?” And if all Marines can be classed as cold-blooded killers, don’t forget that also includes Daniel Ellsberg. And such notable other names from the past as folksinger Tim Hardin and even, dare I note, baseball’s Ted Williams and his old flying buddy, Ed McMahon.

  12. I am not a disgruntled liberal or a hapless lefty. I am simply a mom who has not slept in months because I lie awake at night wondering if my son will make it to another morning. And I do believe I have earned the right to say that there has to be a better way.This war is wrong and the way we are dealing with it is wrong. You would think that with all our modern sophistication and knowledge, we could find a better way than killing each other.I wish I lived in a black and white world of absolutes…my life would be much easier.
    What we need to do is find common ground and kindness or eventually we will destroy the earth and ourselves.

  13. Cathar can’t comprehend that.
    Love is to pure for Cathar. He’ll always need a thousand footnotes from beyond his moat.
    Cathar, what’s under you fingernails?
    Does it stink like……?
    And yes,
    You’re high and righteous,.
    Or atleast as low as high and righteous can ever get.
    Say no the occupation.
    Bring the troops home alive.

  14. LC,
    I am confused. When you say the soldiers are “…racist, trigger happy, mindless, occupying, cold blooded killers.”
    and then “Bring the troops home alive.”
    I doubt your concern for the troops.
    I am also surprised at cshel not minding her son being called those things and venting her anger at someone trying to defend the honor of her son.
    Strange, that.
    People say they wish to support the troops and then with the same mouths say vile things like have been said in this thread.
    I hope cshel’s son makes it back safe and sound.

  15. You doubt my concern for troops.
    I am concerned for the troops.
    I’m concerned they don’t kill anymore innocent Iraqis.
    And that does not mean that I wish them any harm in return.
    How bout this for a bumber sticker?
    “Support the Racist, trigger happy mindless troops, Bring them Home Alive”
    can ya wrap yer mind round that one?

  16. I hope her son comes back too. Healthy and loving. And that cshel’s neighbors don’t call him the vile misrepresentations they toss around on this web site, since such “pals” the family clear doesn’t need. I’m sure both RIght of Center and myself will be happy to hear he’s back. And I hope LC gets some intensive therapy, real soon. Growing up might also help.

  17. Right of Center, you amuse me. T
    his has nothing to do with Democrat or Republican?
    They’re empty terms of convienence. They mean nothing.
    This has to do with you finding honor in a brutal, illegal occupation.
    This has to do with you defending an over armed gang of war criminals.
    Do you hear it?
    Its a slow, a slow train coming…..

  18. LC,
    Always glad to amuse…
    But the train did come. It stopped and 3.6 million more people got on than got off!
    And to some extent they did so because of statements by a certain newcomer to the dustbin of history who made statements quite similar to yours.
    But, don’t worry the train will come again…

  19. So what do you make of that?
    56% think the war is a mistake and *yet* more are identifying themselves as Republicans and Bush (or Adolph according to Mr. Blumrich) was reelected.
    Odd, isn’t it? What is your read?

  20. ahhh. Another devotee of the “They are too stupid to know the difference.” theory?
    Good luck with that.
    Let’s hope the DNC makes the same calculation….
    (I am sure they will)

  21. “The soldiers are [taught to be] ‘…racist, trigger happy, mindless, occupying, cold blooded killers.'”
    “Bring the troops home alive [and de-program them with extensive psychological help for their post-traumatic stress disorders].”

  22. Your right, Camoed national guard with M-16s on NYC city blocks, in the NYC city subways, not close to red at all.
    That felt like a skip through the free world, didn’t it?
    What good were they gonna do against an attack?
    Did they plan on shooting the chemicals out of the air?
    Maybe your darling marines are that good o’ marksmen.
    Rename the red states,
    Orange States!!!

  23. Well I doubt they were going to try to shoot chemicals! Although if anyone could do that it would be the Marines.
    More likely it was thought that the presence of troops near soft targets might deter (or at least reduce the likelihood) of attacks.
    But I don’t know and I am happy to defer to your obvious superior understanding of military tactics.
    I suppose you are right the only thing accomplished was to enflame the already anti-American locals and create more terrorist sympathies.

  24. Attacks? Based on what information? Three year old intelligence that turned out to be some chicks phone number in Joe Terrorist’s black book.
    An un-named source looking for his piece of the blood pie?
    Come on. There was never anything there?
    Its now, more than ever, a game of fear.
    Goebbels 101.
    Opps, Nazi reference…….
    Will you be all-right after that, Right of Center?

  25. I do not think that the military taught Laramore anything like that. I was in his unit and I also know he was never embarrassed becuase of rank it was because he got punched in front of a woman he liked!

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