Hardcore Chocolate

Chanticopour It seems Starbucks isn’t content with just getting us to say things like frappuccino, venti or macchiato. Now, they’re taking on chocolate and monkeying with that the all-American tradition of eating it (o.k., gobbling) by hand. Citing that for more than 90 percent of its history, chocolate was consumed in liquid form, Starbucks has announced the return of drinking chocolate starting January with a new beverage called Chantico. Not to be confused with hot chocolate (they already sell that), Chantico promises to be far more decadent, something akin to drinking a melted chocolate bar. Named after the ancient Aztec goddess of hearth, home and fertility, this new nectar will be crafted with cocoa power, cocoa butter and steamed milk. Prediction: Chantico will be the rage with the middle schoolers who attend the Valley Road Starbucks’ after-school program.

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  1. Rich – you’re such a ******* ******* man!!
    My friends back home in one of the reddest states–kansas–drink starbucks often. Some aren’t even democrats, let alone liberal. So, go screw yourself and your lame-ass remarks!!! Get a life dude! Yours currently consists of a fixation with bashing “leftist suburbanites”, which is pretty sad. You respond to yourself for goodness sakes!
    (Profanity expunged.)

  2. Right of Center, I don’t know you, so I won’t call you by your name.
    But **** you too, *******.
    And your bloody ******* hands!
    (Profanity expunged.)

  3. yeesh.
    am i the only one who thinks that partisan bickering right now is inappropriate?
    i mean, 116,000 people in a very different world are dead.

  4. OK–maybe i am jsut too tired from a horrible day at work,,,,but what did i miss here? I thought this article was about hot chocolate, for gods sake!

  5. Left of Center….
    I understand the tragedy, yes…
    but, at the same time, over 100,000 in an entirely different region have been dead for quite some time…because of the Iraq War! We need more Americans upset about *that*. It’s a shame that we only see the victims of the tsunami, but never the faces of those that have been wrongly killed in Iraq.
    And, cshul….yes, it’s an article about hot chocolate, but of *course*, Right of Center had to go and be smug and start his usual bologna…posting comments and responding to himself even.

  6. butchie ranted…
    “I understand the tradegy, yes… but, at the same time, over 100,000 in an entirely different region have been dead for quite some time…because of the Iraq War! We need more Americans upset about *that*
    notice the word “need”?
    it’s blatant thought control.
    why think up your own feelings and emotions when butchie will make sure all you lesser people know what you NEED to be upset about!
    you’re an autocratic totalitarian.
    (anyone ever notice LC is a helluva lot like thom kennon?)

  7. *I’m* an autocratic totalitarian? Ha! I dont even believe in hierarchy, bureaucracy, etc.
    But if you wanna pick words apart, go ahead…it’s your image & reputation.
    So many Americans are absolutely shocked that so many people could die tragically….but so many people HAVE tried tragically because of the Iraq War! Or because of hunger & disease every single day! Our media doesn’t show that. How many tragic faces from Iraq have you seen? The fundies got upset when nightline aired pictures of the fallen Iraq soldiers for goodness sakes!

  8. you are when you tell people what they NEED to be upset about. how isn’t that thought control?
    how could the media satisfy you? what level of horrrible imagery and repition of body counts would make you feel like America cares enough? an Iraqi Death 24/7 cable channel? another Disease and Hunger 24/7 cable channel? you lament this perceived lack of caring, backed up by the fact that “fundies” didn’t like something (as if their opinion is indicative of the nation as a whole), yet you offer no solution. so tell us all, just how would you be satisfied at the level of caring? I can hardly see how what the media shows and fundie reactions are evidence of a lack of compassion.

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