Lawyer Search Tainted?

The NAACP is demanding that Montclair re-start its search for a new town attorney, claiming that that the process was compromised. Planning Board attorney Alan Trembulak, a finalist for the spot, sublets office space from councilman Gerald Tobin in a building owned by developer Steve Plofker. Montclair Times story here.

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  1. No doubt a particularly auspicious moment for the NAACP. But I think some credit for the “Scandal” is due Jessica de Koninck’s post on the watercooler for bringing it up.
    With any luck (and a little help from the watercooler) we can turn the local politics of Montclair into as poisonous an atmosphere as Washington!
    For some, this will, no doubt, serve the public interest.
    (Don’t worry, with our tax base we have *loads* of money to spend on lausuits to keep the NAACP happy.)

  2. Since I note you two above have chimed in here, and you happen to be my favorite posters (as well as some of the very few sensible posters, whatever your political differences), please accept my best holiday wishes for now and 2005. Dare I write “Merry Christmas,” too?

  3. No, ROC, it isn’t the fault of someone who raises a question about a pubic issue. It’s the fault of those who have a public trust who do things that are questionable.
    My kids would love your reasoning … “It isn’t my fault that I messed up the living room. It’s Jill’s fault because she told you about it.”

  4. Dead,
    I think your analogy is dead wrong. There is no evidence of malfeasance or misdoing only (as usual on the watercooler) the *possibility* of wrongdoing — and therefore, once again, lots of innuendo.
    In fact when I responded to Ms. Koninck’s post chiding her for that very point. My post was denied because I didn’t have an argument as to why there *wasn’t* some kind of corruption going on.
    Since these are real people with real reputations in our real community I (for one) think it is irresponsible to ferment such scandal without any facts or evidence. Personally I think you had better be damn sure someone it corrupt before you imply it. And if you think it so then you should say it, upright and spell it out, fully without couching it. All the pussyfooting is not honorable in my mind.
    I am simply not a fan of the politics of innuendo and personal destruction.
    So really your analogy should be amended:
    “It is your fault the house burned down because Jill says she saw you looking at matches once.”
    Raising questions is not a problem, *implying* corruption without evidence is.

  5. wow, i’m sorry to see this happening. i love alan trembulak, he’s a great guy. he was my attorney for both selling my old house and buying my new one and he did a fantastic job. i really do think he just loves montclair and wants to serve it’s interests. i hope we can retain him, i believe it would be a loss to montclair if he doesn’t get this spot.

  6. At least this is, for lack of a better word, “better” than the “demand” for reperations for over-taxed African-American Montclair property owners…..

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