Ornamentally Yours

OrnamentropeThere’s something almost sacrilegious about buying Christmas ornaments in bulk. Too many "filler" ornaments and your tree starts to look uniform and sterile, as though you stole a fully-decorated tree from a department store display. If you need to fill in lots of empty branches, or just like adding a few, new ornaments each year, there are a number of places in Baristaville to score nifty, keepsake-quality ornaments that go well beyond the typical 12-pack of colored balls from Costo.

Village In downtown Montclair, Little Cricket on Bloomfied Ave offers retro decorations with vintage blown glass and antique hand-glittered ornaments as well as winsome elves, gnomes, fairies and old-fashioned houses to create a funky Christmas village, the perfect antidote to the ubiquitous Dept. 56 displays you’re bound to see at everyone else’s house. For a more fashion-forward tree, think Jafajems on Church Street, where you’ll find a selection of sophisticated ornaments that appear to be designed specifically to match home decor hues, rather than Santa and company. Tree

Down the street, at Accents With Flowers, check out the shop’s abundance of holiday decorations, including several well-dressed trees throughout the store, decked to the needles with ornaments galore, all for sale. Accents with Flowers also sells chocolate(!) and plenty of great generic gift ideas, like fancy milled soaps, decorative accents, beautiful scarves, frames, etc., perfect for keeping on hand when folks you never thought you were exchanging presents with, unexpectedly drop by with a gift. Of course, if you’re really feeling ambitious, you can always make your own ornaments. But wouldn’t your time be much better served doing something to help others feel the magic of the season, like spiking eggnog, perhaps?

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