The Dreaded Lice Letter

Lice_lifecycle Ewww! And just in time for the holidays… the dreaded lice letter went home last week to parents at Linden Avenue School in Glen Ridge, after one student was discovered to be hosting the pesky parasites. The school sent the girl home and, for good measure, all the naptime blankets used by kindergarteners as well.

At left, a CDC illustration of the life cycle of the lousy bloodsuckers.

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  1. At least it is Winter and not Spring. The last time I remember this happening (five or six years ago) it was softball/baseball season. The kids all share the batting helmets. As far as I know, they don’t have helmets for basketball yet.

  2. Linden Avenue had an outbreak in Feburary 2003, and it went on for 3 months. The classrooms were cleaned up but aftercare let the kids leave coats and hats in a pile.
    This time around the aftercare program has done a better job. Kids have been asked to put their outerwear in their backpacks and/or, been given marked garbage bags to store their heavy jackets.
    Let’s hope we don’t see an epidemic.

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