Japanese Chef Seeks Partner…

Chefto share mutual love of cooking and financial responsibilities of running a restaurant. Kimiko, of Kimiko’s on Walnut St., would love to keep her eatery open, but her expanding catering business is making it difficult for her to be in two places at once. If she can find the right partner, she won’t sell the business, which happens to be listed for $29,000. Forming another side of this strange Montclair real estate triangle, is the building that houses Kimiko’s, 33 Walnut Street, is also up for sale.

Exteriorkimiko Described as a store with an apartment, it’s yours for $1,250,000. Will Kimiko find a partner and make it work; will someone pay what seems like an astronomical price for a building tucked away in a residential part of town; will Montclair get another new restaurant? Stay tuned.

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  1. My wife and I just moved to Montclair and recently discovered Kimiko’s…we go almost every other weekend. WE MUST SAVE KIMIKO’S ummm…those dumplings.

  2. We absolutely love Kimiko’s. Just about the only place my Japanese husband will eat. Please stay Kimiko!

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