The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Here’s a fine way to wrap up the holiday party season: yesterday’s regifting party in Glen RidgeRegifting_2 . Shown here, Don Zichelli receives cast-off glassware. Hey, that doesn’t look so bad to us: who wouldn’t want a striped tumbler?

We got rid of a set of cheap faux Barbie dolls (given to us as a gag gift), picked up a Bing Crosby Christmas album, put it back into the pile and acquired a really hideous votive candle holder in the shape of a teapot, which we managed to unload on a 12-year-old who actually liked it. Now that’s the holiday spirit.

And then there’s de-gifting.

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  1. We want to throw a RE-GIFTING party but forget exactly how the game is played. I think everyone puts all gifts out. First person picks. He/She can accept or decline gift. If he/she declines, then what happens? Could someone fill us in?

  2. Our staff does this every year and it is SO much fun. Everyone picks a number, #1 randomly picks a gift and that is what they get UNLESS #2 decides that they want to take it. If that happens, then #1 picks another gift. #3 can take away from #1 or #2 or select a new unopened mystery gift. It is a lot of laughs and you will be surprised at what the “coveted” items of the evening are! Last years hit was Darth Tator… a Mr. Potato Head toy with Darth Vader parts. Hilarious!

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