Fake Stuff on the Internet? Say it Aint So.

Gi_joeYou may have heard about an internet hoax this week where somebody posed a GI Joe-type doll to look like a hostage. (Tom B. has nice coverage of the hoax as a media story here.) Our favorite two sentences from the AP story:

The U.S. military said no soldiers were missing.

But the figure appeared stiff and expressionless.


You may not know, however, about Glen Ridge internet hoax/parody artist known as Mike Z., whose work includes "Military Takeover of New York City," which you can see here. Mike Z. prefers to keep a low profile, but he will be featured, along with the GI Joe story, on an ABC "20/20" segment, "Caught on Tape," tomorrow night at 10 pm.

"Some people write letters to the editor," Mike explained, tossing off suggestions that he’s an underground folk hero. "I just express myself artistically."

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  1. Well, to be totally honest, I *was* on this story before I posted it online =)
    As for CNN, they screwed the pooch on this one bigtime, so that’s that. But then again, their boss is out there saying that the military is shooting journalists, so what do I know.
    So the story actually “broke” on Fark and other forums about 2:20, as far as I can tell.

  2. Well I meant broke locally as in “baristanet”.
    I got it from the VRWC news-ticker on my computer.
    We knew the Iraqi elections would be a success weeks ago.
    Sorry about “fourty” I do that all the time.
    Hey. Is “bigtime” a word?

  3. p.s.
    It is no surprise to me that the head of CNN is spewing Al-Jazera-like propaganda without any actual evidence or reporting.
    No surprise at all….

  4. I spoke to Barbie earlier today and she said they were sending in Team America to get her husband back safe and sound.

  5. Keeping an eye on the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy newsticker is a must-do for anyone interested in what’s going on in the world.
    As for CNN, it wasn’t on the network itself, just something blurted out by an exec. Now we’ll see if it ever reaches the air.

  6. Tom,
    Blurted? He is the Head of CNN news and was (apparently) happy to receive the “your are so brave to tell the truth” kudos from the Arab Media.
    Not to mention it was at a very prominent conference at Davos, and further he has made statements like this before!
    No word from CNN, no coverage. CNN will not release video or transcripts. (there *must* be video out there).
    We will see.
    But at least we know CNN is an unbiased news source….

  7. Hmmm. Seems like the immense size of the blog-o-sphere makes it hard to get to the good jokes first.
    Not to mention making it hard for news sources to both scoop the blogs *and* not print or say stupid things.
    But which is worse really? The same joke fifty times or inaccurate news?
    I say the jokes.

  8. I’m all for more coverage of toy people in our world, but by God keep their hineys (and privates) covered, or we’ll stretch the FCC too thin, and it won’t be able to protect us from all the cartoon indecencies being perpetrated on our society (e.g., gay sponges; naked butts on “The Family Guy” and “The Simpsons”)!

  9. But Chris, the only way the journalists can tell if they’re real or not is if they pull down their pants for the photos.

  10. I once read an interview with Barbie. The reporter asked her how she stays so slim. “I don’t eat,” she answered.

  11. ROC – I’m not disagreeing with you – considering I put out a piece today wondering why the media hadn’t reported on it (ahem, like we need to know). I just wanted to clarify that it wasn’t an on-air comment.
    As for video, I’ve heard that there is some floating around, but can’t confirm.

  12. Tom,
    I am not disagreeing with you either! And I read your round up on your blog. Very informative!
    Perhaps our only slight difference is a choice of words (’cause I have it out for CNN) I wouldn’t say “blurted” as much as “let it slip out” as in it is his opinion and he let it slip out.
    Just semantics, really.

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