Soapy Sales

Evahouse_1Granted John Lennon didn’t sleep here, but for a diehard soap fan, buying this house on Upper Mountain Ave offers the chance to score some serious bragging rights. In it resided not one, but two, soap stars from All My Children. Eva La Rue and John Callahan (pictured below) played soap characters Maria Santos-Grey and Edmund Grey. The pair were married on the show and lauded as one of the soap’s all-time favorite couples. In an art imitates life move, La Rue and Grey married and lived here in Montclair with their young daughter. Like the soaps, the story has a twist. Callahan’s character was recently killed off the show; La Rue’s character is slated to exit this summer. And in real life, the couple have separated. 9420maria_ed Meanwhile the colonial, listed at $1,799,900 and located on Upper Mountain near Watchung Ave, is set on 1.5 acres, and boasts NYC views and a carriage house. Taxes are $31,915. Fans of All My Children (and realtors who like to rattle off the names of various luminaries that live among us to excite potential buyers) can take solace in the fact that Vincent Irizzary, the actor who plays Dr. David Hayward, still resides in Montclair’s estate section, and recently did a show for fans at Rascals on Bloomfield Ave.

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  1. Sterling Hayden apparently used to live in our house in Upper Montclair. Something tells me it wouldn’t command $1,799,900 though…

  2. Adriana is correct. Not only did Louie & Olympia live there for nearly 20 years, they raised their 3 children there(for whom I babysat ) and entertained many friends in the biz there. While the two actors worked to promote The Whole Theatre on Bloomfield Ave., they often brought many famous actors and directors through 222 Upper Mountain. Those who very possibly enjoyed a cup of coffee in the Zorich’s kitchen: Colleen Dewhurst, Austin Pendleton, Jose Ferrer, Frank Langella, Marlo Thomas, Blythe Danner, Ed Hermann to name just a few. Olympia’s Oscar statuette in fact, lived on the window sill above her kitchen sink!

  3. is this town getting too overpriced? Our schools are not great and our taxes keep getting higher. Time to cash in?

  4. Is the separation confirmed? I just spotted the happy couple strolling along Church Street and doing some major damage at the Montclair Antique Center….

  5. With Montclair being overpriced… what are other worthwhile towns surrounding Montclair that are on its way up in the Essex/Passaic county area? I keep hearing good things about West Orange and Wayne.

  6. The Whole Foods closing in Montclair will hurt the rise in prices. Schools in Montclair are not in the top 90 in the state. Have kids go to Glen Ridge. Do not have kids stay in Uppah Montclair

  7. What makes glen ridge schools better than Montclair ones? Besides some percentile scores on a list, which can be affected by a larger percentage of low performing students?

  8. Glen Ridge has top 10 schools according to a neutral source NJ Monthly. Montclair schools are not even in the top 90. Seems like all the people from Uppah Montclair send their kiddies to private.

  9. What makes Montclair schools so poor that the town is able to provide students to so many private schools. I guess for those paying over a million for a house they can afford to send jr. to MKA or our private elementary schools. .

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