Spring Forward, Get Funky

Colorful_1The bright colors and whimsical window displays have teased me for a while, but I only recently had a chance to scope out Semplice (465 Bloomfield Ave, Montclair). Inside I was surprised. It’s sort of a Home Goods — meets Bed, Bath & Beyond — meets Williams Sonoma/Pottery Barn, but with a much more funky vibe. The breadth of stock was incredible. Glassware, Stonehouse Kitchen food products, milled soaps, a rainbow of window panels, one prettier than the next, as well as lots of decorative items, including enough pillows to camp out on the floor of the store. If spring cleaning is on your to-do list, Getorganized Semplice has a terrific selection of storage items that might actully motivate you to get organized, perhaps even color code. They’ve also got the goods to give your home a fresh look for spring into summer. If you’ve had the same throws, curtains, vases, etc., in the exact same spot for months, now’s a perfect opportunity to mix things up. Here’s what else I liked…



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