Glen Ridge’s Stock Up?

RidgewoodnewhouseIt’s been a while since Glen Ridge has seen a sale over $2,000,000, but sources tell us there may be one in progress. In fact, the last highest recorded sale in the area dates back to December 2001, when 443 Ridgewood Ave (near Tuxedo) was listed and sold for $2,000,000. Since then, everything else has been under the two million mark, until this 5-bedroom, 3.5 bath colonial (right), newly constructed at 156 Ridgewood Ave (corner of Old Oak Road), and listed at $2,200,000. Taxes have yet to be determined, but we hear it’s been snapped up for $2,100,000. Talk about your leap of faith. Taxes on the house sold back in 2001 were $24,850. Give us your best guess as to what this one will come in at.

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  1. Very interesting info on that 433 Ridgewood property. It did indeed sell in 01 for 2 mil then was sold in 04 for $1,510,000. Has the bubble bursted? A half million less. BTW the taxes last year were $30,419.84

  2. Liz, Did you mean the Titanic house @ 138 Ridgewood? If so, it was purchased 6-7-04 for $2,300,000. I belive it was a private sale from Sam Joseph to a couple from Old Oak Rd. Taxes last year @ $41,278/ assesed @ $323,500. YB 1906, lot 156×275.

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