I’ll Show You Ugly

Ugly4_1  The solicitation starts like this…

Do you have a one-of-a-kind bathroom? [now that’s a kind way to put it]

Home & Garden Television is looking for one-of-a-kind bathrooms to be featured on an upcoming special. Is your bathroom over the top, out -of-date, a clash of crazy colors or just downright tacky? If you answered yes, then we want to see it.

Please Note: We are not looking for bathrooms in need of cleaning or repair. The owners of these bathrooms should be proud to admit that they have the most shockingly bad bathrooms in America. We are searching for fun homeowners with outgoing personalities who are not afraid to show the world their bathrooms. Please include pictures of your bathroom and family.

[Do I have to include pictures of family in the bathroom? Wait, let me get my husband drunk and then I’ll pose him on the toilet]

Ugly2 Sure I moved. And yes, I did say goodbye to an avocado bath. But even less charming than retro avocado is a bath that channels the style sensibilities of a ’70s hot sheets motel room. My new master bath is all that and heat lamps, too. It’s tiny, poorly outfitted (why is there a mirror over the toilet?), horribly lit and just plain ugly, especially the caramel colored woodwork painted to match the bad nightmare wallpaper, the cougar-print floor tile and the giant mirror reflecting it all. I will be entering, so keep your fingers crossed for me. If you’ve got my bath beat, send us a photo.


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