Endless Summer Ending Soon

Escape_hoodIt’s back-to-school shopping time for Bloomfield High School, where construction goes on and on and on….  (If you don’t get the joke, here’s your background reading).

By the way, school starts next Tuesday for Glen Ridge, next Wednesday for Bloomfield and Montclair.

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  1. I got a good deal on masks at Overstock.com! Also picked up some surgical quality gloves, steel tipped work boots, hardhats with light, and water purification kits. Can’t be too careful. For freshmen, I recommend subscribing to On-Star, or for the budget minded, packing some breadcrumbs in their backpacks (so they can leave a trail and find their way, since there’s no orientation this year – those poor kids!).

  2. Well..it’s so bad they cancelled the parents’ orientation. Guess they didn’t want us to see their definition of a safe school.
    BTW, Home and School called. Hard hats and gas masks will be sold at back to school night, that is if they don’t cancel that one too, as a fundraising event to cover the costs of books and teachers. There wasn’t enough in the budget after changeorders.

  3. They didn’t cancel parents’ orientation; they just replaced it with parents’ disorientation.
    You joke around with all that spelunker talk — I just love saying spelunker! — but the recent horror movie “The Cave” was filmed on location at good ole BHS.

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