Long Days Journey Into Market


The prices in Baristaville can make one dizzy, but when homes linger, usually realtors come in and slash prices (sometimes just one week after being on the market). Could it be that times are changing? It seems some sellers are digging in and refusing to adjust asking prices. The hold factor is not surprising among higher priced homes, (which often take longer to sell) but the trend is evident now among more reasonably priced props, including 33 Draper Terrace($399,000, 89 days on market) and 317 Grove (579,000, 69 days on market). At 45 Cambridge, a price of $639,000 has held for 49 days. At 2 Mulford Lane, $795,000 is the price for 70 days and counting. 11 Briar Hill has been around almost as long, still priced at $829,000. For buyers who don’t want bidding wars, might there may be a chance to bargain?

Meanwhile this Hitchcockian staircase really does exist at 275 E. Bradford. The property for sale at $3,850,000 has been on the market for 80 days. The house, situated on a 4.85 acre property, is easily the largest piece of land for sale in Montclair, except it’s not entirely in Montclair proper. The land straddles both Montclair and Cedar Grove, explaining the property taxes of $33,307.

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