Taxing Questions

25pleasant It’s everyone’s favorite complaint — taxes are just way too high in Montclair. Yet, high taxes doesn’t seem to be the only problem. How about inconsistency of taxes, from neighborhood to neighborhood, street to street, even house to house. Here’s a look at what’s currently on the market and where the tax bills fall. Tell us how your taxes compare. Of course, if you’ve been getting a good deal somehow, we completely understand your silence.

In Montclair’s historic South End, 25 Pleasant Ave (left) is for sale. The property on a double lot (.75 acre) with 5 bedrooms, 3.1 baths and loads of extras, is on the market for $849,900. The taxes — $15,354. At 126 Lloyd Road, a five bedroom on .76 acres is on the market for $2,999,999. The taxes — $48,295. At 72 Lloyd Road, taxes are $31,915 for .87 acre (sales price is $1,990,000).

Llewellyn_1Over in 07043, 216 Lorraine Ave. is also for sale. On just over a third of an acre, the taxes on this 4-bedroom are $12,384 and the price is $649,000. At 236 Christopher, a six bedroom home, on a smaller lot (.24), listed for $899,000 has taxes of $15,766. In the Fairway section, 3 Bellegrove Drive, listed at .39 acre, is priced at $849,000 with taxes of $19,338 (a realtor’s note says taxes were reduced by 20% in 2005).

Then there’s 2 Mulford Lane, on a half an acre, it’s priced at $795,000 with taxes of 22,876. On 1.34 acres, 42 Llewellyn Road, (shown above, on sale for $1,299,000) has taxes of $24,977, almost the same tax bill for more than double the land. Like we said, go figure.

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  1. I recently moved to a north end home and found most houses going on the market around me have lower taxes. Even the houses selling for more are paying 2-4k less in taxes for the same size house. My next door neighbor is paying almost 6k less taxes. My theory is home owners aren’t getting work permits and the upgrades haven’t been accessed for tax.
    Is it true when they re-access Montclair they are going to walk through each home?

  2. Although I don’t pretend to work for the IRS, and cannot assess the tax burden on a house, the high taxes in Montclair, and surrounding North Jersey towns, are largely attributed to inflated prices for schools, rather than the popular misconception that we, of the suburbs, are paying high taxes because of Newark’s poverty.
    – Jersey Perspective

  3. I found this very interesting. In my town in MA, they did actually walk through every house and re-access . I won’t go into details how upset some people were at their appraisals. Looks like there is a price war going on, down in Montclair and Glen Ridge. Great for the sellers but not for the buyers. What I want to know is this.. How do you all afford your mortgage and your taxes..My dad pays over 12,000 in Glen Ridge. He owns a 3 bedroom house, on a corner lot. Now in some of those photos the houses looked about in the same ball park. Some of the taxes were a lot more but at the end towards West or East Orange, boy the property value really dropped. I know in Glen Ridge there are no stores etc to help support the tax structure. But Montclair has tons…Please how do you guys survive there?

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