There But For The Grace of God …


The easiest way to help the victims of Hurricane Katrina is to go to this direct link on the American Red Cross website. If you know of any local efforts, let us know in the comments section below. (Citizen journalist photo from

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  1. thanks for the posts, barista. i used to live there, and i’m worried sick for a city that’s already gone through so much. luckily, lots of my house-bound friends in the area came to their senses and evacuated at the last minute.
    donations are crucial. especially in metro New Orleans, where much of the population lives below the poverty line. money donations would be best. sending food and clothing, while thoughtful, is probably not the most effective way to help. the red cross are the logistical experts.
    Here are some other liveblogging links from the areas affected by Katrina:
    “Hurricane Katrina” flicker photo-blogging group.

    Times-Picayune Hurricane Bunker Blog
    Eye on Katrina Blog
    Metroblogging New Orleans
    Hattie’s Blog
    The Irish Trojan’s Blog

  2. thanks for the links, efs.
    I’m from NOLA and I am dying to see how bad the damage is. My parents and aunt and cousin evacuated to Houston, but we can’t get much in the way of information. I’m going crazy with worry about what’s happening in the city.

  3. The irony of the whole situation – this hurricane is devasting a part of the country that is firmly in the red column. Yet the first thing these people will do is go crying for help to the very same federal goverment they spend their time despising. These people elect politicians like Trent Lott who are trying to shut down the federal government. What a bunch of hypocrits.

  4. The true sadness of the whole situation is that someone like “Ug” above can use the occasion of uncontrollable nature to make a stupid political comment utterly dismissive of the resulting tragedies and havoc wrought by this occasion. And even then only behind a false name. This is neither bravery nor rationality.

  5. Hey, Daniella, sending good thoughts your way. I also have a friend who works @ Tulane and have not been able to get through, either. Please keep us posted.

  6. As someone who is moved by the hurricane-forced horrors we now see in MS, AL and LA, but also as someone who during his Army days wasn’t all that impressed by the Red Cross (and remains that way for several reasons), may I also suggest both Catholic Charities and the Salvation Army in those states as outlets for donations from Baristaville?
    My own check (despite my core Papistness) will go via the Sallies, I think, because they seem to present so well a relatively “pure” commitment to charitable good works. It sure looks rough as hell down there, and to watch the coverage is to weep in sympathy.

  7. Ug, go to hell. This is a weather tragedy of unprecedented horror(in this country, anyway) not the time to be making political statements. I am personally not a fan of the Right, but this is neither the time nor the post to comment on it.

  8. Although I blow off most of Cathar’s comments as pompous, I agree with him in his assessment of the Red Cross. My contribution, too, is going to Salvation Army.

  9. Or are the words I use simply too big for you, Bob? Or too conservative in nature? See you at the next soul-saving rally anyway, and don’t forget your tambourine.

  10. I agree with Cathar’s posts here more often than not, but I’m afraid my fellow “Bob” has a point. I suspect that even Cathar must find Cathar pompous at times!
    “Bobs” of the world, unite!

  11. Actually, “a different Bob”, I also find myself in agreement at times with Cathar and have quite a few things in common including being a Vietnam veteran. Cathar just assumed certain traits about me just because I accused him of being pompous.

  12. Actually, “a different Bob”, I also find myself in agreement at times with Cathar and have quite a few things in common including being a Vietnam veteran. Cathar just assumed certain traits about me just because I accused him of being pompous.

  13. And bob’s your uncle! (I don’t have the slightest idea what it means, never will, but I hope it doesn’t sound pompous.)

  14. I have also been a “victim” of Cathar. I find his verbal/grammatical masturbation is pompous to say the least, but much fun. Montclair really does have too many writers. And I love how he labels anything lefty or liberal as naive or idiotic, in that antagonistic, smarty-pants Sean Hannity sort of way. Like we are all stupid. His outing of Franklin is ironic…

  15. If everyone is done bashing cathar- can we return to the topic?
    I find this news bit astounding- today,
    State Dept officials said that they were so far, not aware of ANY offers of foreign aid to victims of this disaster. None.

  16. Gee, summer of noise, I don’t recall offering constructive criticism to anyone of that name. Are you another of those posters who uses multiple names?
    And of course the left is both naive and idiotic. Why else, for example, would those fools have belonged to the Communist Party USA for so many years? Why is it even still in existence?
    I haven’t “outed” Franklin in any way, sense or fashion. He’ll continue to baffle people, I’m sure.

  17. Cathar:
    Yes, you have. And it is not constructive.
    You seem to enjoy getting folks worked up, which is exactly what you accused Franklin of doing. Except you are brave enough to use one name all the time.
    Not everyone who considers themselves leftist or liberal a member of that party. That’s like me saying that everyone on the right cares about no one but themselves and their agenda.

  18. Summer of noise, I attempt to calm liberals and lefties down by helping to point out the fallacies in their arguments. They’ve already probably all reached their personal boiling points by the time they post here. And it doesn’t help either their marshaled “facts” or their knowledge of historical context one bit for them to post in so riled a fashion.
    What never ceases to amaze me here is how the most foolish leftwing sort of thinking can be tossed out as if it’s Divinely inspired, and correspondingly that conservative-sounding viewpoints so outrage people. Such outraged sorts don’t want anyone to be “constructive,” either, but rather to have their own smugness and pettiness assuaged by others, and when it isn’t they get plenty mad. This is not a crowd equally happy to leaf through both The Nation and The American Spectator, in other words.
    There genuinely do seem to be people in Baristaville who’d be happy to practice “repressive tolerance,” and that should bother both of us.
    And I haven’t “outed” Franklin. I simply noted that he/she doesn’t use a consistent email address. Or even a real one. Me, and likely thee, may thus discern a pattern of sorts there, may even have our suspicions. But that doesn’t constitute outing by a long shot.
    I do so miss ROC, by the way. I hope you do too, because if you do, then you got my basic point above.

  19. Cathar:
    Of course I appreciate that people have a variety of opinions, not just one of two. And I enjoy the opportunity to hear those opinions in a forum such as this. As for being ‘divinely inspired’ my belief is that one should be guided by their principles, be reflective, open to change, and know right from wrong, which includes being kind to others. Which is where I have a problem with your posts. You are often condescending and sarcastic, in your flowery prose calling people stupid for having their opinions because they are not similar to yours. Be thankful that they have opinions! Did you read the quote from Venus Williams this morning that ignorance is bliss?
    If this kind of behavior is in line with your principles, well, there’s not much else I can say. You’re obviously an intelligent person, but the condescending attitute somehow forces that reality upon your readers, and that comes off as quite disturbing and repulsive.

  20. Summer of noise, if Venus Williams said such a thing, it is surely mainly because she can afford to live in bliss much more luxurious than ours.
    It’s not that people have different opinions, it’s that they’re so shocked that anyone could possibly have well-supported opinions that differ from their own. And so thoroughly.
    Should that “repulse” you, so be it. I personally am put off by how little the most vociferous of leftist posters here seem to know about history, economics, etc., stuff which actually help their case if indeed they had any to make. But it doesn’t repulse me. Instead, I reach out gently to correct their constant, and considerable, foolishness.
    So it’s hardly rather condescension, but, rather, an antidote to the condescensions of the left which are so badly voiced here on such a regular and dulling basis.

  21. “it’s that they’re so shocked that anyone could possibly have well-supported opinions that differ from their own”
    The Pot Calling The Kettle Black

  22. No, not at all. You should know better, summer of noise. You should also be able to admit how little of the anti-Bush, even anti-government rant on this site is supported by fact. It’s as if none of these people have ever read a Congressional report, let alone a history book, let alone served in the Armed forces. And to think I used to think that the constant stream of Presidentially-directed profanity I’ve heard at 3 bluewaveNJ meetings so far was enough.
    But it’s getting wearisome, because as situations worsen (I’d have hated to have many of these left wing posters supposedly on the Allies’ side during WWII, especially 39-43) seemingly the outrage becomes stupider. The seething is so nonsensical, the sense of historical or political context always so lacking. I just wind up feeling that so many of the angry posts stem from generalized feeling of political impotence.
    And I also find it extremely curious that, in all the “discussions” about Iraq and US policy in the Mideast here, there is never any mention of Israel, of its right to exist, of the determination of jihadists to eradicate it (they of course will term it “Zionism”) and the willingness of so much of the rest of the world to help along this commitment by the world’s true bad guys. This one bothers me a lot, I find it disquieting, wind up wondering what the local tacit left wing assumptions are about this issue and why no one dares voice them.
    You may be interested to know that I’ve asked “Franklin” if he/she would like to debate many of the issues that now engage us via our real email addresses, off this site. You might even want to support this offer. I hope you’ve also noted that I’ve replied to you seriously and politely.

  23. you’re right, people generally don’t read congressional reports, etc. And you’re right about political impotence; but where does that come from? Ignorance? Frustration? My point, for the last time, is that maybe you should put away that condescending tone when you feel someone is not as intelligent as yourself, if you truly are attempting to do a service. You know what? People aren’t as smart as you. You know what else is true? There is alot of truth to the emotional rants of the left. A lot. These people are frustrated.
    As an educator, I hoped you’re attempts at enlightening people was genuine, regardless of point of view. I have nothing left to say on the matter. I, like others, felt it was more bullying than healthy discussion. Thanks for listening.

  24. I think cather is an idiot……Period!
    No matter what the lenghth of your words, you still don’t know jack about anything. It’s amazing that you think you do. You are a legand in your opwn mind. A wannabe looking for some attention.
    You should get you head out of that dictionary, and the words of power book you refer to for your idiotic comments on everything on this site.
    Nobody cares about you.
    Don’t you get that already or are you that stupid?
    lol…thanks for listening???
    You are thanking people for listening now? Are you for real?
    The condescensions of the left which are so badly voiced here on such a regular and dulling basis???
    lol….thats all you do cather!!!!
    You really are a nit wit.

  25. And this is running now for what good (or even semi-good) reason, Mo? It took you this long to look up all the “big” words?
    Someone may have ratted you out in a personal email to me. I have no idea if that’s your “real” identity or not, of course, but still, if it is you, I’d think you have far more pressing issues to deal with over the next week or two……Meanwhile, try to contain your personal animosity to me. Go to Red Cheetah and dance your troubles away, instead.

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