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  1. I’ll be at the Cloverleaf tonite from 5:00 till 7:00sh…wearing salmon colored shirt and denimm jacket.
    Politics is over let’s have a brew

  2. Gee, does anyone have the feeling that it might be a long time before we see another political ad featuring a bitter, disgruntled former spouse attesting to how rotten their ex-husband/wife was?

  3. I mean, who among us doesn’t have at least one such persons who could come out of the woodwork (perhaps happily) to describe us in less than flattering tones? Or even rip us to shreds.

  4. I mean, who among us doesn’t have at least one such persons who could come out of the woodwork (perhaps happily) to describe us in less than flattering tones? Or even rip us to shreds.
    I think I could scare up at least five people…

  5. Iceman, if I didn’t have 2 other conflicts (particularly picking up wife at EWR momentarily!) I would take you up on that.
    Hope y’all are having a good night!

  6. oops, i accidently put this in yesterdays’ daily chat…
    By the way guys, we went to Trumpets. the place is warm and comfy and Eddie Skuller was really good and interesting performer. The vodka sauce pasta was tasty. Eddie did a cool version of some Smithereens song. Where else can you hear jazz around here?

  7. I still think Bloomberg needs to be called on how he handled the protesters during the Republican Occupation of Midtown; that he got off without any taint for that mess is a … ummm, a miscarriage of justice! Yeah! I mean, at the very least, can we give him a hotfoot?

  8. Hi Crank,
    I will be back at the ‘Leaf’ tomorrow…i have brown hair, white goatee, rectangular glasses and denim jacket with a tall glass of Pabst..will be there from 5-8ish …went with the girl friend unit tonite and tomorrow will be boys night…”hi neighbor, can u say hangover?”

  9. but the irony of having skeletons is that when you do -you usually stay out of politics–but then again-it appears as long as there is money you can pretty much “buy” yourself out of your past-and reinvent the “clean” slate-unlike the average joe-or josette–
    anyway while i am licking my wounds -i hope for the best because New Jersey does deserve it.

  10. Dee–
    Try Cecil’s in West Orange (check the website for schedule) or Ritchie Cecero’s down the street from Trumpets (18-piece band).
    If you’re willing to take a ride, Shanghai Jazz in Madison is great.

  11. Thanks Theresa. I actually went to Shanghai once but I didn’t think the food or the sound was worth the trip… but thank you! Does Ritchie Cesare’s have other singers play there, or just ritchie? I could see Eddie Skuller playing there. They have a good wine list.

  12. I love a man with a salmon colored shirt who’s not afraid to wear it! 🙂 Ya might wanna take a bit of Grecian-Formula to that goatee though. 😉

  13. Re the Leaf – tomorrow, alas, I will be at my cardiologist’s. Tues/Thurs are usually my best shot at being free but not this week.

  14. Perhaps winter will find me sipping Romany-made mojitos and munching pressed pork-and-pickle sandwiches at Cuban Pete’s… if only.
    Will catch me glimpsing at photos of beaten down old Cadillacs and cabs constructed from corpses of old American motorcars… if only.
    To catch a crimson image of Che or keep out the cold through Subcomandante Marcos’ cowl… if only.
    To sit in a Citgo station with Hugo Chavez and ask if they take visa and hear him howl that the next flight to Havana is an American Express… if only.
    To sprawl on the playa while pink Plymouths ply their way down the promanade, past empaciated, castrated Castro cattle… if only.
    To inhale the lush leaves of La Isla, sit amid the sounds of Union City and sit in with the Buena Vista social club… if only.
    To see El Duque, Contreras, Mike Lowell, Posada play under the stripes and star and swing away in the World Championship… if only.
    To see Fidel’s high fastball as a first pitch while feasting on fried plantain with Montclair falafel… if only, if only.

  15. Blu Restaurant on Bloomfield Ave. is now open for lunch from Tues. – Fri. and I highly recommend it to everyone. I had the salmon over spinach greens with apples and walnuts, and then for dessert a coconut tapioca with mangos and papayas. Everything was so fresh tasting and delicious. I hope the word gets out so more people go — that will allow him to stay open for lunch.

  16. cstarling, Governor Elect Corzine is very open minded. Send him letters on your positions and I’m sure he will consider what you say.

  17. Martta, you can stop the SMEAR. The election is over.
    This is what kills me. Are you part of any political or community groups and do you have a real position? Have you done any research on the issue you perceive? If you are so worried about corruption, which republicans are as guilt as everyone else, why are you not doing anything meaningful about.
    IMHO, your issue is not corruption. Its party and policy. Keep the mud to yourself unless you can prove it.

  18. Yes, I tried Noodle Central last night for dinner. It was great. It is the same owner/Chef from the wonderful Aozora — so how could it be bad?
    I had the Vietnamese Noodles with seafood. It was delicious.

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