A Big Screen, a Box of Popcorn and Thou

Tell us what you want, what you really really want… to see.

‘Tis the Season….

What Movie are You Dying to See?

Brokeback Mountain


King Kong

The Producers

The Family Stone


We’re posting lightly this weekend, due to the holiday, so consider this your open thread as well.

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  1. If you’re really asking which movie I intend to see this weekend, it’s Budd Boetticher’s “Seven Men From Now,” which TCM ran in a restored version after a 30 or so year absence from the tube. And for the “Brokeback” fans, there is really much more repressed but obvious homo-eroticism in many Hollywood westerns of the 50’s-early 60s’ (think “Ride, Vaquero” with Anthony Quinn and Robert Taylor most Boetticher westerns and, especially, “Warlock” with Anthony Quinn and Henry Fonda, revel in this one, gang) than there is in Heath Ledger’s performance in “Brokeback.” How this wimpily bad actor is suddenly being praised for doing his usual choking, mumbly thing again is beyond me.
    Nonetheless, Joyeux Noel!

  2. saw kong last night…way too long(3hrs 7 min)…outstanding special effects…dinosaurs every bit as good as Jurassic Park…naomi watts really pulled off the love story with the big ape…i expect you’ll hate the jack black character but it’s cause he’s so believable.
    Merry Christmas and Happy Hannuka(Hanukka)?…i always get confused is it spelled with 2 Ns or 2 Hs?

  3. Ice,
    We saw Kong last night as well (when the lights went out me immediately snapped into action). I agree with your comments. Naomi Watts is a delight. Especially juggling.
    On another note, no one seems to be able to decide how to spell Hanuka in English. It comes from translating it from a non-English character language, I think.
    I also appreciate you not demanding, as some posters here do, that everyone celebrate Christmas, and great each other with a hearty and heartfelt “Merry Christmas”. Many of us who won’t be celebrating the birth of a saviour tomorrow, find it, well, less than charming. And the demand that we somehow just get over ourselves rings a note which sounds like the opposite of everything we’ve heard about what you are celebrating.
    So to your heartfelt greeting I add, Happy Holidays to everyone celebrating anything this week. And to those NOT celebrating Christmas, Hanuka, Kwanzaa, or Ramadan…may you have a nice week.

  4. I think it’s the subliminal Heathcliff reference in “Heath Ledger” that explains everything.
    Still stuck in Jersey. Cat still zoned out on painkillers. Wish the vet had given us some.
    Some holidays, I guess you just gotta pay some dues.
    Get merry y’all.

  5. Crank: Your kitty is lucky to have you as its owner. Sending pixie dust and good thoughts your way.
    I am dying to see (no pun intended) “Wolf Creek,” the new Aussie thriller which is supposedly based on a true story. Can’t resist a goos horror flick.
    Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah (no matter how you spell it) and Happy Kwanzaa to all who celebrate. I think it’s safe to wish everyone a happy & healthy New Year!

  6. Merry Christmas from my heart and Happy Holidays to you ALL-Crank you are a good man for taking care of your cat-Sometimes, I find anyway, you are where your suppose to be….
    Godbless you and keep you all safe.
    Thank you All for the gift you have given me-conversation and stimulation and just sometimes keeping me out of my own head.

  7. Hmm. I assumed “crank” was a man. Must be a Rorschach test of sorts.
    Everyone enjoy the weekend, and, Ice, my kitties and I salute you!! Hope she’s feeling better soon.

  8. it would have been nice if plaxico burress had caught the friggin pass on the first play of the game…geesh, the giants continue to cause me ongoing agita.

  9. Haha, interesting. Do I seem feminine because I have a lot of cats, drink a lot of tea, do all the cooking in the house, go hiking whenever I can, take bicycle trips across the UK to explore megalithic sites, & spend an inordinate amount of my spare time going to Hot Tuna & Blue Oyster Cult shows?
    Rorschach test indeed. :=)
    (Hint: the “=” in the “:=)” represents a mustache.)

  10. Music: Steve Winwood’s & Phil Manzanera’s latest CDs (not all that new, really), + the Jefferson Airplane & Midnight Oil DVDs. Should help me get through some of those cold wintry nights.
    How ’bout you Iceman? Anyone else have a rockin holiday?

  11. Crank,
    Got hot tuna live in berkeley from 1969 and i got the 2 dvd crossroads set from clapton…that is a stone cold lock for my recommendation list

  12. 1. I Don’t Mind-James Brown version
    2. I Don’t Mind-The Who version
    3. It Came in the Night-A Raincoat (obscure tune from an old Kenneth Anger film)
    4. There She Goes Again-Velvet Underground
    5. Wig-Wam Bam-The Sweet
    6.Ramblin’ Man-Allman Bros.
    7. Town Called Malice-The Jam
    8. Wasted-The Runaways
    9. Take Me I’m Yours-Squeeze
    10. O.P.P.-Naughty By Nature

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