So, What’d You Get?

Typewriter_006_2 Come on, show off. What’d you get yesterday? Or, if you prefer, what did you give?

We’ll start. The Barista got a portable DVD player, two pairs of earrings, a great blouse, an antique typewriter, a cool scarf, white truffle oil, hand-embroidered pillow cases, a book, and a bracelet made out of typewriter keys.

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  1. I got to spend two days in a row with the two most precious things in my life, my gorgeous little niece and my incredibly bright and handsome nephew. I was truly blessed.

  2. I got to spend two days in a row with the two most precious things in my life, my gorgeous little niece and my incredibly bright and handsome nephew. I was truly blessed.

  3. gave: sirius satellite radio, DVDs, magazine subscriptions, gourmet food items, reidel wine glasses
    got: 9-bottle wine refrigerator (finally all my reds can be served at 55 degrees!), victorinox trevi shoulder bag, ferragamo tie

  4. Gave:
    Michael Kors cashmere sweater, Champagne, Dept 56 Ebeneezer Scrooge house with dancing ghosts, Remy XO cognac, Bosed set of formal chopstix
    Got so far:Black Wrought Iron Fireplace set, Several bottles of Australian wines, Demitasse Pot

  5. Gave: a big party on Christmas Eve where my teenage daughter did all the cooking.
    Got: lots of new wine to try, cookies covering every flat surface in my kitchen and a red fuzzy robe that makes me look like tickle-me-Elmo.
    It was a great Christmas.

  6. Got an exquisite gold/silver watch from my husband who was not able to be with us last year dut to prostate cancer surgery (and whose PSA numbers are doing well, the best present I could ask for!)
    Spend a lovely christmas with wonderful friends and faimly of which I am so grateful for.
    My 10yr old daugher doing her “shopping” for the first time and being so pleased to give, even though we had the major “yes Virginia, there IS a Santa Claus” talk a few weeks ago.
    My 17yr old son buying me a very thoughful gift WITH his own money.
    The only bad part is having to go to work tomorrow ;-(

  7. Got: Snazzy red patent leather boots from Piazza Della Sole.
    Gave: A bunny (but I think it’s really mine as I’m the one who has to change its litter….)

  8. I was more excited about what I gave so I will tell you that stuff:
    -a really ugly scarf my mom wanted me to knit for her (I mean I was embarrassed to make it)
    -a screenprinted Coheed and Cambria shirt I made for my 16 year old brother
    -a screenprinted Loudon Wainwright III shirt I made for my dad.
    -a LWIII signiature he sent me when I wrote him a letter saying my dad has been a fan since the 70’s
    -and my favorite was a clamshell box I made for my mom to hold her bible with a cross I goldleafed on the front (oh man it was real nice).
    I made my mom cry over all the gifts because she’s emotional.

  9. Wished for: Peace on Earth.
    Got: A few quiet hours of solitude followed by some nice times with family and friends over good food and wine.
    Got: Two signed 1st Editions of George V. Higgins novels that I didn’t have.
    Gave: whimsical, merry, fitting, and inexpensive (for the most part)! It’s the damn Swamp Yankee in me…
    Still Want: Peace on Earth. Oh, yes, and a pony.

  10. Conan, you know about the optimistic boy who got a pile of horse manure for Christmas, but who kept digging, saying, “I KNOW there’s a pony in here SOMEWHERE!”?

  11. I received the only Harold Lamb historofiction novel I did not yet own.
    I received a necklace I had admired from my jewelry-phobic husband.
    I received an old-school percolator (yes!) from my beloved son.
    We had everyone together at church on Christmas Eve (it doesn’t get better than the late service at St. John’s with the whole candlelight thing).
    I gave a great basket from Marc & Eric. A DVD player. Loafers. Sneakers. Corduroys. Button-downs. Toiletries. Wine. The pop-up book of phobias (x 2). More books. PJs and slippers. Cookies. A PSP (don’t ask me, I don’t understand). PSP games. More wine. More cookies. A Winnie the Pooh bathtub boat. A backyard hockey game. Legos. More books. Cheap and tacky holiday earrings.
    I get to see my two geographically distant sibs later this week.
    Who could ask for more?

  12. Had a great Christmas with family and friends – that was the best part of all. It was wonderful seeing everyone together, happy, and enjoying themselves. And of course really good food. Hubby and I exchanged CD’s and videos (oops, DVD’s) that we both wanted. We recently bought two TV’s (what are the odds that BOTH of your TV’s die within a month of each other?) and finally replaced our 30-year-old stereo receiver, so didn’t do any big gifts this year.
    Got some interesting gifts from my sister who lives in NC (a cedar plank for grilling/smoking on the grill – looking forward to doing salmon!). Gloves…pretty glass bottles for my windowsill or for use as vases; nice necklace and earrings…a Star Trek “communicator pin” (yes, I’m a Trekkie) and best of all, a book to read! I remember as a kid always being most excited about getting books. I’d have something to read for weeks after Christmas since I usually got several.
    Best present we gave? Probably the mango pitter we gave a mango-loving friend!

  13. I was lucky this year to have both my children home. As they get older, the chances of them coming home get slimmer , and slimmer. This year, since I knew money was tight for everyone, I asked my children just to list 5 things that they were grateful for. Their replys were wonderful. At least I now know that deep down inside they have a great sense of values.Who needs anything else but their health, family and a touch of grace.

  14. latebloomer, I just know there is World Peace hiding somewhere inside of all the political and religious horsepuckey flying around the world. And I will remain optimistic about finding it; you have buy the ticket if you want to win the lottery.

  15. Got: A lot of neat, new techy toys. Some cool books. A sleek pair of black boots. Sparkly earrings. Two extra pounds :-(.
    Gave: An iPod to my BF. Some cool power tools he wanted. Lots of new clothes. Baked goods to friends.

  16. Miss M,
    nothing like getting baked goods from my significant female other…she always makes me my fav chocolate chip cookies…yum

  17. Got: a nice scarf and some earrings from kids and hub. Bunch of kitchen tools from Mom, wine glasses from sib.
    Gave: ipod nano, sirius sattelite radio (S50) kiddy video camera, American Girl Dolls (1 for each girl child), my shi tzu dog to my parents. (this one could be a got also)
    Had a lovely holiday overall with both sides of the family.
    Anyone know anything about sattelite radio? Got hubby Sirius, but he said he might want XM. We can’t decide. I got an awesome reciever from Sirius so I leaning in that direction.

  18. “Etaoin shrdlu,” Iceman, also used to be printed on the bottom of “first pass” copy when it came back from the typesetter, back when there were such things as galleys. It was thus a kind of proofreading check. It would never be on the blues for some reason, only on early copy (and good grief but this is a recollection of ancient days).

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