A Little Sympathy, Please

Break_a_leg_1 How many times have we told this child "break a leg"? One too many, apparently.

Send your "get well" messages to Margot in the comment space below. (She broke her ankle on a patch of ice in a Poconos parking lot Tuesday night.)

And by the way, a really sincere thanks to the amazing Montclair orthopedist Bill Vonroth, a doctor cut from the Marcus Welby mold, who worked way past his scheduled office hours, on the Friday before a holiday weekend, to put her in a proper cast. We are sure there are some great Dr. Vonroth stories out there.

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  1. Margot,
    ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh so so sorreeee
    You are one of my fave gals, so if you need a ride, just ring me doll.
    (I broke my ankle 5 times when I was around your age), it has it’s plus’!!
    Feel better sooner.

  2. Margot:
    All the best in your recovery. I’m recovery from a broken leg(tibial plateau fracture) on New Years Day 2005. Check out this website: mybrokenleg.com for information and to commiserate with fellow broken leggers. My suggestions-rest and say “yes” to assistance from friends and family. Miss Martta and her BF helped me so much in my recovery. All the best!

  3. Margot – Hope you heal soon. And my parents will need to have you babysit again after you’re on the mend.

  4. Margot- 2006 can only get better from here. Clearly you need to give up magazines and parking lots. . .Everyone here in G’ville wishes you a speedy recovery in G’ridge. Now’s the time to spend hours on the sofa learning the lyrics to those Tony award winning songs. . . LOVE Cramers

  5. Things are going so slow in “Baristaville” that you felt compelled to share the news of your daughter breaking her leg? Jesus Christ, lady, get a job.

  6. president of the universe, please, let me explain.
    in baristaville, that is important news. lots of us know and love margot, and are glad to have a chance to wish her a speedy recovery. and what’s wrong with a slow news day, anyway? with all the tragic news of the last year–floods, tsunami’s, war–a slow news day is a relief.
    wishing you a beautiful 2006, pres of the u., and a year of slow news days.

  7. Kids are so precocious these days, I was almost 40 before I broke an ankle.
    I hope Margot gets one of those inflatable casts after the plaster comes off, they’re great fun.
    Here’s to quick & thorough healing.

  8. Margot – wishing you a speedy recovery.
    Deb – I love Dr. Vonroth – truly one of the nicest doctors I ever met – I met him 18 yrs ago when my husband had a severe biking accident and broke his shoulder and collar bone – since then he has set 2 of my broken ankles (lets just say I am not the most graceful even though my name in hebrew is “gazelle like” – LOL!)

    The proper and necessary course of action is to hightail it into the City. make a beeline over to the corner of Houston & Ludlow, and get Margot a bowl of Katz’s Chicken Soup w/ Motzah Balls. And while there, get her a sandwich of her liking, as well.
    If this is not possible, there is that deli over in Ft. Lee, or one of the ubiquitous Harold’s, as in Lyndhurst or Piscataway (sp?).
    JP is necessary at times like this. (the P stands for something to do with guy named Salk)
    As far as reaction goes: there’s a family with a musical name, reportedly with a big house in Kearny, who are “gunna show dat Prezof duh you knee verts whaddit means to respect de Baristuh, and de Bristuh’s famlee.”
    Cement shoes for that guy, he of no empathy, sympathy or basic good judgment. Plaster for Margot’s ankle, cement for the Prez.
    Happy New Year to all members of the Barista family, extended and nuclear. The dye this year is already “cast,” for good things to come.

  10. Your Purimspiel musical director wishes you a speedy recovery so that you can once again break a leg in the time-honored Spieler tradition…fracturing the audience instead of your skeletal structure.

  11. Margot: Some more advice from a former broker legger. In my first 6-7 weeks, I had a visiting physical therapist from Bayada nurses. Then I was considered an “outpatient” and went to physical therapy 3xs a week. Bottom line-a good physical therapist means a healthy recovery. I went to PC Rehab on Pleasant Valley Way in West Orange where they had 2 great PTs and Dr. Pedinoff, sports MD. I wish you a healthy recovery!!!

  12. Margot, you could have broke your leg where I did in Amsterdam, and it wasn’t walking out of one of those cafe’s. It heals quickly.
    Hope you feel better!

  13. Margot, I think you could insist on better penmanship for those who sign your cast. Might also think about varying the color of ink. Just a thought.

  14. Dance in your heart, mind and soul, Margot. Even after you can physically dance again. And enjoy both the dances and the music of time (couldn’t resist plugging my favorite novelist, Anthony Powell, here).
    Then get back out on stage again and awe us.

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