Glen Ridge Gets an ‘F’ in Scheduling

The whole world is off for the holiday tomorrow — including the post office and the stock exchange — except for the Glen Ridge Schools.

Montclair and Bloomfield got it right, by the way, and scheduled the holiday return for Tuesday, Jan. 3.

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  1. My BF got called to sub in the Newark school system tomorrow, Monday, Jan. 2. Some schools are apparently open.
    I’m with you, Barista. I can’t believe they scheduled school on a federal holiday.

  2. Nope … right here in Essex County, the South Orange/Maplewood school district is also open on Monday.
    I asked several BOE members about it. If they’d given the 2nd off, it would have pushed the end of the school year perilously close to the July 4th weekend, and right into the start of most summer camp sessions.

  3. Hi Ice. We almost bagged the run last night because of the crappy weather. About 7 PM, however, it started to clear so we said, what the hey? Whenever it snows in NJ, it’s usually milder in NYC anyway. So we met up with our 3 friends from the running club and drove in. We were right. It hardly snowed at all in New York. Had to watch puddles and some slushy patches of ice, though, while running but it really wasn’t too bad. The best part of all was that there was virtually no wind.
    Saw a cool costume party, complete with fireworks, and welcomed in the New Year by having a great run. Went out to a diner afterwards.
    Go Giants!

  4. The comments dont relate…just making note that not everything official is closed on Monday.
    And, that I dont see the big deal about kids having to go back…maybe they have to work it out schedule-wise. Doesnt it give Glen Ridge parents a child-free day?

  5. I just asked a question, because I couldn’t figure out what your comment had to do with the price of tea in China. Anyway, not every parent relishes a “child free” day. The older mine get, especially, I treasure the time that we do spend together because I know that in the blink of an eye one will be in college and that will change our family dynamic forever.

  6. I, for one, am thankful for the gift GR schools have given me… a day without the kids for my husband and myself… whopeeee!

  7. We could have taken a day off from either of the two one week vacations this spring.
    Will someone please explain the need for two one week vacations during the school year?
    For those who fly to Florida for a week, I suppose it is terrific. For those of us who must find child care for a week while we work at jobs that do not give us a week off, it is less than terrific.

  8. I don’t think they get an “F”. It seems to me that the decision was between the four day weekend in October, Jan 2, and the end of the school year. If I really wanted today off, I would give up the four day weekend before I extended the school year. However, I think that the calendar was just fine.
    The two one week vacations in the public school calendar came about during the 70’s energy crisis. Prior to that, I believe that most schools in this area had a one week vacation in March – and school ended a week earlier in June. February was deemed a good month for a vacation because it saved on the energy bills – but then April was added to break up the Spring.
    My understanding is that adding the February vacation cut the absenteeism due to sickness so significantly that it was worth keeping.
    Personally, I would be in favor of revisiting the school schedule. I would prefer two weeks around the holidays, or two weeks in March. I don’t think that the Feb and Apr weeks are a good solution.

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    How about “babalu”? or maybe “babalieu”? The latter has a kind of French ring to it, non? It’s also copyrighted but I know the bloke and maybe I can get you a deal.

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