So Far, So Good


So far this year, no excess calories consumed, no money misspent, no time wasted. Happy New Year. Send us your First Night pix, New Year’s resolutions or 2006 greetings.

UPDATE: OK, well, that lasted half an hour, until somebody came in with a plate of goodies from some damn New Year’s Eve party.

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  1. Happy New Year to all. OK. I jointed the Montclair Y. Did it yesterday. Paid for a full year. Tired of hearing my kids tell me how I need to get more exercise. And I’m admitting all of this publicly to “encourage” myself to follow through.

  2. It was 2 years ago today that I ordered my exercise bike online. (It was my 1st online shopping experience.) It’s worked out really well! I don’t have the time to get out to a gym, and this allows me to exercise whenever the motivation strikes, which is about 3 times a week. (Although I do have dry spells, and conversely, go on jags of using it every day.) If I’m alone in the basement, I’ll listen to music and read. If the kids are down there using the Gamecube, then I just converse with them or read.
    One of this year’s resolutions is to find a source for getting an old home movie transferred to DVD. Complicating matters is the fact that it dates from the 1940’s, and is very brittle, so must first be restored. (It was rejected by a film transfer service I went to in the city, Rafik, as being too brittle for their equipment.) I showed it to an aquaintance who is a film archivist, and he said he’s aware of a process that’s a kind of “bath” the film could be dipped in that would get it supple enough for the transfer process. Does anyone have any leads or recommendations for me?

  3. I’m throwing this out there to the FOAK (Fount of All Knowledge).
    Can anyone make recommendations about which software to use to record voice onto a CD? I have a mike and CD burner but the only software that I have apparently is for recording wav files which are only 60 secs. long. I need about 20-30 mins. Much thanks.

  4. Skippy – I had Photo Cullin in Upper Montclair restore some old film and they did a nice job. I’ve used them several times for old photographs as well and have been pleased with the results.

  5. My first resolution is to expunge all traces of 2005 from my memory. I’ve already started on it. (Anybody know what happened to the Marlboro Inn?) If any of you said anything to me last year, please don’t assume that I still remember.

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