You Must Be This Old To Enter

Don’t go looking for young hotties at Egan & Sons. Bouncers Greeters at the door of the elegant, popular pub have been turning away youngins’ and sending them instead to Depot Square, according to scribes on the Montclair Watercooler. The magical age for entry appears to be 23, although there’s nothing on the website indicating the policy (psst…kids. Come at lunch and I’m sure they’ll be happy to seat you then). We hear there are still plenty of older hotties at the bar and subsequently more elbow room. Meanwhile, commenters on the Food page seem to be getting their noodles in a twist over this restaurant.

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  1. Egan’s has become a major dissapointment. I was there often the first few weeks, when Chris Egan was walking around like a beaming proud papa, introducing himself to everyone… the staff was green but friendly and trying their best. The recent arrogance of the “greeters” has twice now made me walk out wondering why the hell I bothered to ever go back in. Good for you that your restaurant is successful, but I don’t need to feel as though I am a sub-par form of the species just for daring to ask how long the wait is for a table. The staff seems to have adopted a holier than thou attitude. This dumb-ass policy seems to follow suit. I suppose its one of these famous very-Montclair measures of assuring “upscaledness” by keeping 21 and 22 year olds away from the obviously more suitable 23-95 year olds.

  2. Could not agree more. I was so looking fwd to Egan’s opening that I stoped by during construction and got a tour from a very friendly and beaming Chris Egan. Just what Montclair always needed, I thought — a traditonal Irish pub and one that brews it own beer to boot.
    Well, the beer is underwhelming (want great beer, try the Southampton Publick House on LI!!!) and the food is equally as uninspiring (I had to laugh when someone posted not too long ago that it’s “traditonal” Irish fare and we’re missing the point. Seriously?!) But worst of all is the poor service and frankly the people that seem to go to Egan’s. I prefer Fitzgerlald’s in Clifton, a *real* Irish pub.

  3. yes, the beer and food are disappointing. the crowd is a bit crowded. but i’ve only experienced nice greeters at the door and nice bartenders. where else is there to go in montclair?

  4. In defense of Egan’s food, the burgers are very good. I’m not a big fan of irish food so I’m not thrilled with the rest of the menu choices. But Egan’s is a good beer-and-burger place in my book. I’m also in the 35-40 age bracket, so maybe my expectations are a bit different than the college crowd (Just Jake’s, South Park, Depot Square, and Tierney’s are all college-crowd-friendly … why must Egan’s be expected to cater to them too?) I don’t hear any college students complaining about Richie Cecere’s, probably because they can’t afford the drinks there.

  5. My experiences at Egan’s have been good, with the exception of one time, when it was crowded and our party was curtly told, “There’s at least an hour wait for a table!”
    No “Good evening” or “Welcome to Egan’s,” just the above exclamation. I’d say the greeter/host in question needs to learn some people skills if she plans to stay in a people business.
    Other than that, love the decor, the food and the fact that they have Guinness.

  6. can they even do that, meaning discriminate 21 and 22 year olds? Is this the place where Osborne’s Tap Room was? i guess it’s upscale that they left egan & sons sanitation for this biz

  7. There are many examples of legitimate policies without relying on local/national laws: “Jackets Required” , “Appropriate Attire Required” , “18 to Enter” , “No Shoes, No Shirt, No Service” , “Ladies Enter Free” , “Two Drink Minimum” , etc…

  8. I’m 21 and was able to enter but it was too crowded and left. I did get a funny look from the door guys. I hope they deny me the right to enter sometime so I can throw a fit and tell them to suck it.

  9. I have had nothing but positive experiences at Eagan’s. Having lived in London, I have found the food to be in the tradition of your typical British pub food – it is good but not fine dining. Go else where for that. And I have found there to be no problems with the beers.

  10. I can think right off of 3-4 area “boites” that have lower prices, better beers and less attitudinal issues than Egan’s. But if I noted them here, they’d quickly become filled with the wrong sort of people, meaning those who think Egan’s approximates a genuine local in either London or Dublin. (For example, Egan’s absolutely lacks both the semi-catatonic rummies and the “fug,” a word for which I have to thank Ian Rankin, of smoke and stale beer and failed life chances that hangs over many true neighborhood pubs.)
    There are always, however, both iceman’s justly beloved Cloverleaf and the Great Notch Inn.

  11. Having been to pubs in London, I agree with you, Cathar, that Egan’s is NOT a true replica of a UK pub. It is, indeed, more yuppified, but it does have its place.

  12. I’ve enjoyed the food at Egan’s but it is way too crowded and smoky. Unlike in Ireland where they have now banned smoking in the pubs.
    If you want a pub that is more like a real Irish pub, with good food and Guinness, try St. James Gate in Maplewood or Molly Malone’s up in Whippany on Rt. 10 (Irish music at Molly’s on weekends).
    We also frequent Fitzgerald’s Harp & Bard, usually to see our favorite Irish band, Paddy and the Pale Boys. Food is not wonderful lately though. But it’s worth it for the Irish ambience and music.
    Agree with Anne that Tierney’s has the best burgers anywhere – they are unsurpassed.

  13. Hmmm, I must be losing it…could have sworn that earlier this morning there was a post about Tierney’s burgers?

  14. I heard about Egan’s policy of 23 or older from my younger (22 year old ) sister. I got the impression that the policy started because of the influx of college aged kids and the underage kids with fake id’s that follow them. I’ve never been to Egans to really comment, but I do know the underagers were crawling out of the wood work this holiday season.

  15. I believe Tierney’s buys a better cut of meat and they grind it into burgers themselves (or so I was told a while back when I asked Buddy why they’re so darn good).

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