Treasure Hunts

Friday, Jun 30, 2006 3:05pm  |  COMMENTS (2)

cornsausage.jpg handjob.jpg
Is anyone out there having an Independence Day garage sale? If you are liberating yourself from your junk, and have it out for sale, list it here. And if anyone wants to chime in about the treasures they’ve found at other people’s yard sales, tell us about that too…or you can check Cate’s bizarre and disturbing finds here.

I’ll Take That Chili To Go

Friday, Jun 30, 2006 2:43pm  |  COMMENTS (24)

Here’s another bizarre incident from the files of the Montclair Police Department: Last week, a woman named Mrs. Malarkey told police she was angry to find the permit only section of the South Fullerton Lot full of illegally parked cars. She said she knew that employees at Cuban Pete’s restaurant were parking there without permits…So she went to Cuban Pete’s to complain to the hostess on duty, reports Deputy Chief Perry Mayers. Malarkey alleges that she had a confrontation on the street with restaurant owner Dominic Restaino who told her she shouldn’t be hassling his employee.
Fast forward to the next morning: Malarkey went to get her car in the lot, finding her Honda covered with a spicy meat sauce. Guess who she pointed the finger at? MPD was called to the scene, Malarkey filed a report. The officer noted that the vehicle was drenched in about five gallons of meat and beans. Mayers states that the case is under investigation.

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Thrill Seekers

Friday, Jun 30, 2006 1:29pm  |  COMMENTS (19)

Friday, June 30
SYMPHONY &FIREWORKS IN THE PARK: Want to start holiday weekend started with a big bang? Get your blankets, beverages, and buddies to Brookdale Park tonight for a free concert by NJSO followed by fireworks. Team Baristanet will be there enjoying a picnic dinner catered by Joe Bartoni’s Italian Market. Tonight, at 7:30 pm. Info: 973-368-3500.
KATMOSPHERE, IN CONCERT: Free, outdoors at Montclair Center Stage. 7p.m. Read the review.
Saturday, July 1
LIZARDS & SNAKES ALIVE: This one sounds real good for the kids. Opens Saturday, Museum of Natural History, CPW at 79th street. 2112-769-5100.
Melvin C – VOCALIST/GUITAR Performed w/ Lauren Hill, On Tour w/ John Legend. 1st Set: 8:30pm / 2nd Set: 10pm Admission: $15 (includes Food & Entertainment)
Every 1st Saturday of the month – doors open @ 8pm.
ORANGE ROAD, MONTCLAIR (Montclair’s Historic South End Circle) (973) 746-7003 307

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Lights, Camera, Pizza?

Friday, Jun 30, 2006 12:40pm  |  COMMENTS (48)

pizza.jpgWhile Bloomfield wants to be the next Sundance, Montclair currently has bragging rights as the suburb of choice for Madison Avenue. All those lighting trucks, dressing rooms and film crews several readers spotted yesterday at Grove and Watchung were busy filming a commercial for Pizza Hut. A bit ironic that the massed produced pizza corp would choose a location in Baristaville, where we’ve got plenty of yummy mom and pop places to choose from. Other filming yesterday: a commercial for Cingular, produced by Park Pictures, was shot at Haddon Place and South Mountain. Over on Alexander as well as Norman Road, stills were being shot for a non-smoking campaign.

Look Out Sundance, Now There’s Bloomfield

Friday, Jun 30, 2006 10:45am  |  COMMENTS (17)

Mayor Ray McCarthy announced yesterday an initiative to recast Bloomfield as “the Sundance of the East, the movie – friendly capital.” The plan is to cut permit fees, and get local contractors, restaurants, and suppliers to offer special discounts that may entice indie filmmakers to shoot in Bloomfield. From the Star Ledger:

NJ Movie Maker’s Network, an organization for independent filmmakers, and Bloomfield College are partnering with the township on the project.
The goal is to make the process of movie making a little easier for those New Jerseyans who don’t have big Hollywood budgets, Mayor Raymond McCarthy said.

NJ Movie Maker’s director Hisani Dubose told Baristanet “we are an organization for actors, musicians, producers, students… anyone involved in the process or who just loves movies.” Based at the college’s Westminster Arts Center NJMMN offers film workshops, seminars, indie film screenings and film festivals.
Will Bloomfield become the next independent film mecca?

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Good Riddance Ret

Friday, Jun 30, 2006 8:35am  |  COMMENTS (28)


RET RET RET RET RET…for two weeks it was ALL OVER the Bloomfield train station, defacing the trompe l’oeuil windows and doors, walls and railings by the passenger platforms. On Monday morning, a crew of NJ Transit workers were scrubbing and painting over the desecration, which several tipsters called horrible ret2.jpg
and disgusting. One of the NJT guys on the clean-up crew told us:

This has gotta stop. They need more police patrolling the area, and surveillance cameras up here so they can catch the people doing this stuff. Send a message that this is not acceptable. It’s such waste, after spending all this money to beautify the station — and to see it destroyed. They (NJ Transit) probably won’t repaint the (faux) windows and doors.

Here’s what it looks like now:

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No Yada Yada At Montclair’s Budget Hearing

Thursday, Jun 29, 2006 4:49pm  |  COMMENTS (16)

Well, of course Phil Read was there…but council members were shocked that in a town whose residents have a penchant for outspoken debate, no one else showed up at Tuesday’s municipal budget hearing. Council members had anticipated people would challenge the budget proposal that could cost homeowners, on average, an extra $200 a year in taxes…From The Star Ledger:

As the hearing broke up at an unheard of hour of 8:45 pm, mumurs of “jeez” and “damn” could be heard from the podium. “Astounding…My wife’s going to think I got fired” Remsen said. “It’s disappointing frankly,” Remsen said Tuesday night. “You like to get a little more input.”
The morning after, sitting at his office desk, Township Manger Joseph Hartnett was still scratching his head. “I’ve never seen that in my career. That’s a first for me.”

Hartnett told us today, you all have one more chance to speak up on one condition: “If Council should now make major amendments to the budget, there would be a hearing as to those amendments only.” Pencil in July 11, just in case…

Only Twelve Years ‘Til College

Thursday, Jun 29, 2006 1:04pm  |  COMMENTS (136)

We hear that the Montclair Board of Ed has mailed out “The Kindergarten Letters.” It’s official angst time – parents of five year olds can start fretting about how their kid’s kindergarten placement will shape their future lot in life…and whether or not the school’s culture is compatible with junior. Oh, and then there’s the teacher. Did you get the “right one”? Hey, kindergarten is supposed to be fun, so relax, enjoy the summer, but make sure you pick the right lunchbox in September.
So, did you get your first choice, second or sixth? Tell us now.

Goodbyes Suck

Thursday, Jun 29, 2006 12:02pm  |  COMMENTS (21)

When they first came to Montclair, we were excited. Now, a little more than half a year later and not enough customers, Marc & Eric have decided to pack it up, put the business up for sale and move on to other ventures. We’ll miss their pretty shop, good food, and what might have been…
Now we hear they are indeed closed — with the exception of catering.

Madam XXX Has Montclair Connection

Thursday, Jun 29, 2006 10:45am  |  COMMENTS (32)

Upper Montclair resident, Robert Voccola, 68, was named yesterday by recently arrested New York City Madam, Andreia Schwarz. The Brazilian bombshell, who lists her occupation as “investor”, claims Voccola invested a lot of money in her. From the New York Daily News:

Schwartz, 31, who pleaded not guilty to prostitution, selling drugs and money laundering, told cops shortly after her arrest that Time Warner CFO Wayne Pace and Voccola were helping pay her bills.
“I got up to $200,000 … from just one guy, who worked for AOL, in cash, mortgage payments, checks and other things,” Schwartz said in an apparent reference to Pace.
Life wasn’t quite as lucrative with Voccola, the chief investment officer of Barrett Associates, Schwartz said.
“We have sex once or twice a week over the past year and a half,” she said. “He’s given me about $50,000 a year in cash, mortgage payments, checks and other things. He also gave me a credit card and financial advice, telling me where to invest.”

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Sad. Let's hope that this is not its "Last Tango." One of the most beautiful and iconic buildings in town. Valentino, Garbo, Keaton must have played there.

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