Chicks With Lenses


Two of our favorite readers turn out to have some major talent behind the camera, and both are putting those talents on display. Fran Liscio, who was a photo editor of Rolling Stone magazine back in the day, has launched a new website, PunksandRoses, to highlight both her old pictures of punk rockers and her new work photographing roses.
Fran knows you all well enough to have anticipated the comments on this post ahead of time and, for everybody’s convenience, has written them herself:

“oh, yuck. i guess we’re supposed to fall in line with liberal think about how this is, you know, cool or something.”
posted by “my underwear calls your name”

“didn’t the punk bands used to vomit on their audiences? oh, yea right,
i get it. i’m not hip enough to thnks thats fun.”\
posted by ‘hiding in baristaville’
“maybw if we seant johgnny rimone to basruh he’s straithen out the
toweltop muh fuhs voer there.”
posted by ‘johny got his gun’
“the trouble with this antedeluvian line of reasoning is that in fact,
there were punks prior to what is commonly called the birth of punk in
the mid 70’s. histrionic posters who nonetheless ignore history may
recall that rockabilly and hotrodders got there first, covered the same
territory, and left a much bolder footprint on the landscape of
musicosociological thunder. also, liberals are morons.’
posted by cathar
‘is jim mcgreevey going to be there? because i don’t like him”
posted by baristavil pupy dog
“why should we care about this stupid site and her cheap, manipulative
antics trying to plun der money from whatever remsey dind’t alredy
sttel from us. she could go to hel.’
posted by ‘trafficing in mucuos’
‘actually it would please me if she died. becuse she sucks. ”
posted by ‘penis the menace’
‘i like clams’
posted by checkerbord23

Sherri Zuckerman, meanwhile, will be displaying her fanciful and freaky photos at Parlor Hair Studio, 223 Glenridge Ave., Montclair. The opening reception is Sunday, Oct. 15 from 3 to 6 pm.


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  1. Fran,
    oh, yuck. i guess we’re supposed to fall in line with liberal think about how this is, you know, cool or something.

  2. thanks! i’m looking forward to the sherri zuckerman display, too–the photos look awesome. brings to mind my old “edith and the bears” books by dare wright, which i loved. any edith and the bears fans here?
    by the way–i was able to shoot the anthurium and the orchids thanks to the kind folks at plochs. i brought my camera one day and asked if i could take pictures and they said sure!

  3. A couple more for fran:
    you call this journalism?!?
    posted by someone who has no clue what a blog is
    oh, the typos, the typos! please pass me my smelling salts.
    posted by deirdresbrainistoocomplexforme
    btw, where is deirdre? I miss her brain and her sentences

  4. I am very impressed with Fran’s punks section. Energy radiates from the page.
    Music photojournalism in the decades before MTV…

  5. No way. NO WAY–your cousin was in shrapnel? that band deserves a thread of its own! remember how they always used to go on the uncle floyd show? and dc comics incorporated them into a comic strip panel? I loved those guys! which one was your cousin?

  6. Thanks to Fran for her very kind words and to Baristanet for not only listing my show but for including me in “two of our favorite readers” catagory! I’m extremely honored! And honored to be mentioned with Fran as well! Hope to see some B-net posters in the flesh at the show….

  7. Well. I feel insulted that Fran did not author a Conanistic comment. Agreed, I am not as hip as the Iceman nor as academically astute as Cathar, but I cetainly believe that my inimitable style could have been wryly imitated. The last time I had such an empty feeling was when I found out through the Freedom of Information Act that my FBI file (circa 1968) contained nothing even vaguely incriminating. What a let down. I guess I’ll have to go look at the photos now, but I am sure I won’t like them.

  8. I would never have said anything like you posted, fran. In fact, I wouldn’t have posted at all on the matter. So you, hoping for a sort of pre-emptive strike, jumped (artillery) gun here. If you’d done photos of people like Merle Haggard, Buck Owens, Chris Hillman, Herb Pedersen and Wanda Jackson, then I might have been interested.
    But in punks? Nah. So many modern ones post here on Baristanet, after all. Good luck selling your prints, however, if that’s what this is really all about.

  9. Ice, you have to realize that sardonicism is pervasive throughout my posts; but because you go to many more concerts / clubs than do I, I would have to give you the edge in current hipporosity.

  10. wow, conan, now that makes two of us who wish i had riffed on your style instead of cathar’s.
    cathar, do you like melba montgomery, ernest tubb, and roni stoneman?

  11. i also have lots of early larry gatlin, whom i really like, but i suspect the slick ‘members-only’ spokesman might make you roll your eyes.

  12. Wow, Fran, I don’t know you but I feel like i ought to. GREAT SHOTS of the punkers! NICE! Wow, James Chance – i forgot all about him. Contort yourself!
    This one really hits a nerve. Montclair has the rep of being full of ex-hippies, but I think there are even more ex-punkers like me.
    Not sure why Dr. Hook is in there, though – a top-40 novelty band, and half-a-decade earlier than the rest of these artists. Except Ferry, I suppose, and he’s not really a punk, either, but he’s much more roots-of-new-wave. And a total god, of course.

  13. I just remembered – Kathy Acker used James Chance as a peripheral character in “Blood and Guts in High School.” He was so right-for-the-moment during his moment, but he’s so off-the-radar now. Anyone know what became of him?

  14. some of the musicians aren’t punks–those are just shots i liked for some reason or other.
    don’t know what chance is doing now, but i’ll see if i can find out. he was a pretty nice guy. there are lots of ex-punks here in montclair–and a lot of new enthusiasts in the high school.

  15. Never heard of Roni Stoneman, Fran (unless he/she has some connection with a bluegrass group I vaguely recall named “The Stonemans”). Ms. Montgomery was fine, I can still hear “No Charge” in my head, but I prefer Lefty Frizzell to Ernest Tubb.
    Much more to my taste than Larry Gatlin (choirboy-like singing, I admit)would be Gary Stewart who seemed to rise about the same time. I got drunk with Gary Stewart once, but it wasn’t hard and I’d also bet millions of other people can tell exactly the same tale about hanging with him.
    I’m also suspicious enough that to term any Americans “punks” sounds somewhat hubristic. I think of punks, I really do think of louts in the streets of Glasgow, Birmingham and Manchester, with bad teeth, pitted complexions and high cholesterol, products of generational alcoholism and abusive families, carrying razors in their pockets and wearing Man United scarves, sneering at tourists and their own limited prospects. (I think of that movie Gary Oldman wrote and directed, “Nil By Mouth,” and of the one where he led a soccer “crew.”) Some wimp in Montclair or outside CBGB’s in heavy eyeliner and a pre-slashed t-shirt, that was something different entirely, and much more poseur-like. The US “punk” scene never conveyed the economic and social hopelessness you can still sense in the UK, too many lads and lasses seemed to be “trust fund punks,” so to speak.
    And you didn’t “riff on my style,” fran, come now. You weren’t even close. But I did like the floral photos (they weren’t really all roses, were they?) quite a bit. I hope you’ll pursue this theme further, even if some of those mottled petals and pollen-dappled stamens gave me a bit of a sexual shock.

  16. I have been known to sneer at tourists now and then, especially when they are blocking my way in Times Square during rush hour.

  17. But Miss Martta, everyone is a tourist somewhere.
    I’m also guessing you grew up in a much more stable, loving household than most of the Brit punks. That you run, that alone indicates you have little in common with, say, Sid Vicious or Captain Sensible, since the only running those two ever did was probably from the police.

  18. LOL, Cathar! You guessed right. But I still love the *scene* and the music. I guess because it’s such a breath of fresh air from what’s considered “pop culture” in this country, you know, the Britneys, the Jessica’s, the Backstreet Boyz…barfola! Give me a scrungy Sid Vicious or grungy Kurt Cobain over them any day!

  19. >>”And you didn’t “riff on my style,” fran, come now. You weren’t even close. But I did like the floral photos (they weren’t really all roses, were they?) quite a bit. I hope you’ll pursue this theme further, even if some of those mottled petals and pollen-dappled stamens gave me a bit of a sexual shock.”

  20. BTW, Fran, nice pix! Didn’t get a chance to really take my time to go through them all until this morning. Good look to you!

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