Water, Tax, Sewer: Lessons In Bill Paying

Can Montclair Township possibly make bill-paying more confusing? This letter appeared in our mailbox:

Dear Barista:
I must be getting old.

Even water bills make me grumpy. The last one said something about a sewage charge. So I went into my on line bill-pay and typed in the new three-digit fee, in place of the old two-digit amount. Today I got a confusing note of thanks for all the extra cash.
Apparently, a township employee spent time photocopying our check and hand addressing an envelope containing a corrective letter because I’m now apparently too old to pay bills correctly. It says:
1. If you are paying water, make your check payable to the Montclair Water Bureau
2. If you are paying taxes, make your check payable to the Township of Montclair
3. If you are paying sewer, make your check payable to the Montclair Sewer Utility
# 3 was highlighted by hand.
The note goes on to instruct me to send all these bills go to the Department of Water Billing. Even the taxes?
The letter continues…

“Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our
office at 973-509-4922, 4923, 4924, 4925, or 4921.”
I called and it turns out that four of these disordered-sequential phone numbers is answered by a machine taking messages for people with different names.
So now I have to write three checks, payable to three different organizations at the same address, which will be handled by four (or five?) different people. Didn’t things like this used to make sense?
Back before the gray hair.–Peter

Peter, we don’t think it’s your age that’s the problem here…we got the very same letter this week.

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  1. What the hell is “ag” talking about? I’ve seen this same post on a few different occasions????
    Anyway, about the bill paying…..this is called “It’s not my job” syndrome.

  2. Let’s take something as simple as writing a check to pay a bill AND MAKE IT IS COMPLICATED AS POSSIBLE.The collective common sense in this town (country) has gone the way of the contents in its’ sewers.

  3. we have to keep them all busy. your high taxes are paying benefits for all these layers. they probably all leave work at 4, work 30 hour weeks and have full pension. efficiency is not the goal in town gov.

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