Tuesday, Oct 31, 2006 4:03pm  |  COMMENTS (29)


Our regular reader Linda S. sends in this boolicious cake made by her daughter Cara Mia.

Marrakech Meets Montclair

Tuesday, Oct 31, 2006 2:02pm  |  COMMENTS (27)


The new pink awning tipped us off weeks ago that the Moroccan restaurant, Marrakech, would be opening on Bloomfield Avenue opposite Whole Foods.  We happened to be walking by last night – the door was open, and the music, soft lights, and our curiousity induced us to go in. Although Marrakech wasn’t serving yet, owners Said and Simon Chbihi from Casablanca were happy to show us around.  They have opened up a jewel of a restaurant – a magical transformation of the space formerly occupied by Taste of Asia.  The upscale, chic look is acheived with tables, lanterns, and architectural accents imported from Morocco. And it looks like the space has great party potential.

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Season Of The Witch

Tuesday, Oct 31, 2006 1:55pm  |  COMMENTS (81)

witch42.gif witch36-1.gif witch42.gif

We’ve never considered candy corn a gourmet pleasure, but a tasting from Holsten’s in Bloomfield, produced a Halloween deja vu for one candy lover:

While I was there, I ventured inside to look at the halloween candies, I purchased the candy corn. and when I got home I was transported back to 1965!! I am told it is home made and believe me when you taste it you will say the same!! TREAT yourself and go down there and buy some before its gone!!! I haven’t tasted candy corn this good in years!! Bravo Holstens!!

Tell us what you remember about past Halloweens, what you’re doing tonight, and where the ghosts are. It’s your Halloween thread…

A Whole Lotta Shakin’ Going On

Tuesday, Oct 31, 2006 1:36pm

St. Mark’s United Methodist Church, the oldest African-American Church in Montclair, celebrates its 126th anniversary with three evenings of prayer and song starting tomorrow. They’ll begin each evening with an old fashioned revival led by honored guest, Bishop Raphael Green from Metro-Christian Worship Center in St. Louis.
Featured artists will be Montclair YMCA fitness instructor and fabulous R&B/Gospel singer Angel Williams, the Drew University Gospel Choir, and many more. The revival will be held from November 1-3 from 7:30 pm-9:30 pm.

Wednesday: Community Outreach Night begins with a town youth walk from St. Mark’s through some of the 4th ward to reclaim our youth and our streets. At 7 pm there will be a prayer service for the Montclair Police and Fire departments. Angel Williams performs.
Thursday: Youth Night with a special pizza dinner at 6:30 pm; Drew University Gospel Choir.
Friday: Family Night, St. Mark’s youth choirs performing and the St. Mark’s Praise Team.

All are welcome to join the congregation at St. Mark’s for some “foot stompin’ praise and worship.” 51 Elm Street, Montclair (973) 744-2345. Free.

Happy Halloween

Tuesday, Oct 31, 2006 12:40pm  |  COMMENTS (4)

There are still places to go see the ghosts and goblins today and after the neighborhood trick or treating:
A tipster recommends: My son and his friends on the Montclair H.S. “Tech Crew,” along with siblings and neighbors have taken over 107 Christopher St. – with speakers, lighting trusses, and smoke; live action from a casket in the ground and goblins repelling from the roof; a witch crashing into the minivan. Should be fun.
Kids and their pets: Trick-or-Treat at Bloomfield Center at local businesses and then enjoy a great Magic Show at Venner Park from 5-7pm. The best kid & pet costume will win a great surprise.
Nutley: Spooktacular Halloween Celebration, 5-7 pm
Parks and Recreation Building, 44 Park Ave. 973-284-4966
And we hear this eerie place was blowing smoke last night…
Later, adults can “Do The Time Warp Again”
Tonight, live the Rocky Horror Experience. After closing your door to trick or treaters, treat yourself to the campy cult horror flick plus a live stage show by the Home of Happiness. 9 p.m. Bellevue Theater, 260 B ellevue Avenue, Montclair. 973-744-2543. Afterwards, go taste the pumpkin beer on tap, at Egan’s Pub and The Office Beer Bar and Grill.

Historical Halloween

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Thanks to Baristaville’s local historian Frank Gerard Godlewski (aka FGG) for this Halloween greeting:

Among the pages of the 1922 Montclair Times Houses Collection, this retouched photo stands out as an almost perfect imitation of The Addams Family House. Did Charles Addams actually mischievously insert one of his “New Yorker” cartoons into our community photo book? Probably not, but this is remarkably ironic!
Baristaville does have a strong connection with the Addams Family however. Addams’ work is a satirical view of suburban NJ’s “nightmare landscape” and modeled after the artist’s hometown of nearby Westfield. Leafing through Addams’ insane drawings we realize that this is our landscape of quaint, hilly little towns occasionally dotted with crumbling gothic mansions that peer out from behind bare deciduous tree limbs.

Food In Baristaville Will Never Be The Same

Tuesday, Oct 31, 2006 10:44am


For the “Whole” story, go to Food.

Morticia Would Approve

Tuesday, Oct 31, 2006 10:23am  |  COMMENTS (14)

You remember the little thrift shop in Montclair, with entertaining window dressing? Driving by this week, we see that manager Dawn Candy is serving up her usual sexy seasonal sensations.

fashions%202.jpg halloween2.jpg

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NJ Transit Fighting Evils Of Ooze

Tuesday, Oct 31, 2006 8:24am  |  COMMENTS (4)

Every Fall, Baristaville commuters on NJ Transit experience delays around Glen Ridge when slippery black ooze appears on the rails. Rotting leaves and dirt gets smushed under the tracks – it’s called “black rail.” NJT is using the powers of Aqua Track, a machine blasting 10,000 gallons of water to rid the rails of the nuisance goo that creates a slippery slope. From The Star Ledger:

Black rail is an issue around the state and beyond, but because the tracks just east of the Glen Ridge Station climb one of the steepest grades in the NJ Transit system, the area was always among the most vulnerable.
When the rails were stained with ooze, NJ Transit’s trains couldn’t get purchase at Glen Ridge. Westbound, they couldn’t make it up the hill. Eastbound, they couldn’t brake in time for the station.

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Whole Foods Market Tease

Monday, Oct 30, 2006 4:31pm  |  COMMENTS (36)


Want to see the Seafood Shack, La Cantina, Candy Island, Gelato Bar and the rest of the new Whole Foods Market in West Orange? Tune in tomorrow for a sneak peek at the store and the festivities planned for opening day, Wednesday, Nov. 1st.

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I'm struck by how much attention is being paid to the details of a parking lot, as opposed to the attention paid to the future impact of the monstrous projects being planned.

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