A Plywood Wonderland


Mixing messages on a front yard in Paramus.
For a decidedly more understated holiday motif, be sure to check out those luminaria on Forest Ave. in Glen Ridge tonight.
Know of any local Christmas decorations that are ridiculous or sublime? Tell us about it here.

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  1. Anyone with inflatable figures on their lawn qualifies in the tackiness department — the more figures the more it galls me — what it costs to buy and maintain them could feed a family for a year in any number of miserable locations around the world!
    Oh dear, why can’t I just relax?
    Pass me the Xanax so I can get through the next couple of days.

  2. It looks like Santa is standing in front of another cutout, That is the one with Wings..not Santa.
    Hey, anyway…everyone have a grand holiday, and be safe too.
    WR – the Hat Dude

  3. I would lovbe to see the illuminati in GR, but Christmas Eve is a busy time for Santa’s helpers.
    I’m not much of a house decorator, just a tree visable through the living room window, but I always enjoy the various displays.
    Thank you displayers for making the holidays a little more festive for the rest of us.

  4. My neighbor has a blow-up carousel running in his front yard- sounds like a leaf blower running all day.
    Those blow-up decorations should be outlawed!

  5. Not a day goes by, not a single day… when someone is at their best pointing out how horrible someone else is–Remember when you point your finger there are several pointing back at you.
    How can you EXPECT “Peace on Earth” when you can’t even find it within yourselves.
    If you could somehow worry about keeping your own front stoop clean (metaphor) maybe you’d be too busy to judge everyone elses. Just a thought.

  6. We took a ride down Forest Street in Glen Ridge tonight. What a beautiful sight. All the street lined with the candle bag’s.( except for a few) You should go take a look. My family loved it. Happy Holiday to you all and your familie’s

  7. After going to ask them to turn the sound down—it ran all night- same 1/2 hour loop — where we were rebuffed, called names and instructed to call the police if we didn’t like the noise–we turned their speakers face down on the ground as we left.
    Now we have silence!
    Have a Happy Holiday- one and all!

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