A Town Council Named Sue

Montclair Town Manager Joe Hartnett provides us with the 31-page response filed against Ted Mattox and Richard Seltzer. The counter claims begin on page 14. Read it here.
The backstory on the lawsuit here.

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  1. Wow. I don’t think I’d want to face those charges, Ted. Very embarrassing. Methinks you asked for it and got it. Time to do the job you were elected to, not the one that you wish you had.

  2. Actually I find it interesting that there is no evidence whatsoever included in this countersuit. Are we to just take Remsen’s word? What’s that worth?

  3. No kidding, I’ll get Mattox’s back over Hartnett’s and the Puking Mayor’s anytime.
    Why? Because I think it’s pretty clear that Ted’s the guy who’s taken our side against people like Hartnett and Remsen, and their personal agendas.

  4. Where will we find a copy of the Montclair Code of Ethics? It is mentioned in the 31 page resonse that Mr. Hartnett gave to the Barista.
    I did several searches on the Official Montclair website and could not find it?
    Barista, can you find an electronic version for us. I’d be very interested in reading it.
    Those first 14 pages in the response had an awful lot of things that speak for themselves.

  5. Remsen’s response citing a code of ethics? How would Remsen know a code of ethics existed?
    I agree, I see Ted’s presence on the council and their worry of him going public the only thing stopping the remainder of them from trying to slip through a lot of uneeded spending.

  6. Dear Barista Can You Find ….
    You get to Montclair’s Code of Ethics by clicking, in the upper left corner where it says “How to …” “find an ordinance.” Then, you go to the e-code, then search for “ethics.”
    It’s all there.
    By the way, it’s mighty short.
    By the way, I just read the first couple of paragraphs and saw:
    “No official or employee shall request, use or permit the use of any publicly owned or publicly supported property, vehicle, equipment, labor or service for the personal convenience or the private advantage of himself/herself or any other person.”
    Can someone tell me how the town’s liberal policy on personal use of town, unmarked, vehicles, fits into this?

  7. Thanks you!
    It also says:
    Treatment of citizens. All officials and employees shall treat all citizens with courtesy, impartiality, fairness and equality under the law.
    How does Hartnett’s not returning phone calls fit into this?

  8. Personal use of town vehicles?
    You mean like dropping the wife off at the train station in the morning, every day, in an unmarked town SUV?
    Or taking the kids to Watchung Plaza in your, unmarked, town SUV?

  9. Or Hartnett’s not answering 3 emails– count em, 3!–with a question about the sewer authority– the last email focusing more about why he didn’t answer the first 2 emails! Till citizen gave up.
    Arrogance personified.

  10. Yet, if you called your Town Council rep and asked that they get Hartnett to e-mail yiou back or to anser your question THEY would be in VIOLATION of the Town Code of Ethics.
    I think that these “ETHICS” need to be revised and that it should be unethical to not help a resident and should be unethical to not respond to a resident within 48 hours of receiving a request for help or information.

  11. I guess he violated the courtesy part of the Code of Ethics.
    We should ask the Town Clerk how to bring his up on charges of Ethics violation.
    I don’t see any penalties to violating the code.

  12. § 3-65. Complaint procedure.
    “Upon the complaint of any person alleging facts which, if true, would constitute improper conduct under the provisions of this article, the Council, in the case of an official, and the Manager, in the case of an employee, shall conduct a full investigation to determine whether there are sufficient facts supportive of the complaint to warrant further action. ”
    It really doesn’t say HOW TO COMPLAIN or of there is a COMPLAINT FORM.
    Personally, I would send copies of your e-mails and a complaint letter to each Town Council member via certified mail.
    You’ll also note that it gtives NO TIMEFRAME for the “investigation”.
    It would be worth doing anyway- just for the satisfaction of it.
    Maybe the Montclair Times and barista would be interested in the “resolution” .

  13. Doesn’t the ordinance that the Town Council created against the OPRA and OPMA law revisions violate the intent of the Montclair Code of Ethics?

  14. Lawsuit by a member of the Montclair Town Council and other citizens against the rest of the Town Council and Montclair’s Town attorney.
    Maybe Barista will post the original link.
    Response by the sued members of the Town Council that says in part that the original Town Council member who sued violated the Montclair Code of Ethics among other things.
    Discussion of the aforementioned Montclair Code of Ethics – which is quite interesting

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